• Niaje: Khaligraph Jones Hits Hard In Latest Release
    21 Apr 2015 - Khaligraph Jones has been on the up and up since teaming up with STL on Biashara the remix. In what is clearly a description of the Kayole bred rapper’s journey from the gutters to being regarded as one of the top 3 rappers in the country,the artiste did a 6 minute recording of himself free styling on three different beats. In the first installment Khalligraph goes in hard telling off his...
  • Niaje: Jurgen Klopp Favourite Replacement For Aging Arsene Wenger
    21 Apr 2015 - Arsenal legend Nigel Winterburn believes Jurgen Klopp would be a “perfect fit” for the Gunners but has called on the club to place their faith in Arsene Wenger for two more years. Klopp put a number of European clubs on alert last week when he announced he will be leaving Borussia Dortmund at the end of the season,terminating his contract in the process. Arsenal have repeatedly been...
  • Standard: Work On Strategy To Pull Troops From Somalia, Raila Tells Govt
    21 Apr 2015 - CORD leader Raila Odinga has called on the Government to work on a strategy to pull Kenyan troops out of Somalia as a way to curb insecurity crisis facing the country.
  • Standard: Nainotepad: Snapshots: Sonko Rescue Team Is A Case Of Rogue Charity
    21 Apr 2015 - Populism,on the other hand,has only one objective '– making the politician more popular. In a way,it is extended campaigning where politicians continue to dish out salt and lesos long after the elections.
  • Standard: Daily Bread: Tallest Student, Jackline Mwende Hopes For A Basketball Career
    21 Apr 2015 - At a height of 6 feet 9 inches,Jackline Mwende,14,is a towering figure. To bring her impressive height into perspective,the Form Two student at Gikurune Girls High School in Imenti South,Meru County,is taller than American professional basketball player LeBron Raymone,who stands at 6 ft 8 in and is just inches shy of NBA basketball great Shaquille O'Neal,who towers at 7 ft 1in.
  • Standard: Nainotepad: Confessions Of '‘playing Guitar With Kunguni' At Raha Yangu Lodge
    21 Apr 2015 - Papa English never returned to Raha Yangu after playing guitar with his body due to that small matter of chawa na kunguni being embedded on the wooden bed that resembled a regrettable gift from Manyani Detention Camp.
  • Buzz: Diamond : I Applaud Wema For Speaking Out
    21 Apr 2015 - ‘Nitampata Wapi’ hitmaker Diamond Platinumz has weighed in on his ex-girlfriend Wema Sepetu’s revelation that she has been trying unsuccessfully to conceive.
  • Ghafla: Another Reason Why The CBD Is Here To Stay As The Partying Spot
    21 Apr 2015 - Tuesday is finally here! *happy dance*...I'm excited cause Scratch is selling liquor at a subsidized cost. The drank me is VERY happy! For there's no practical reason as to why the weekend has to end on Sunday,ata Scratch gives us more than enough reason as to why Monday and…
  • Ghafla: Want A Job? Then This Might Be For You
    21 Apr 2015 - Santana Foundation is offering you genuine jobs. All you need is relevant qualification and pap you can land the job you have been yearning for. Ready your CV because there are still vacancies available. Below are the positions available,check them out and apply NOW! Click on the one you…
  • Ghafla: Who's This Mysterious Woman That Has DJ Kalonje Singing? ?
    21 Apr 2015 -   Revered mix master Deejay Kalonje officially released his  first single last week dubbed 'Othongi Muno'. The single is already a hit not only in Kenya but across the world,thanx to his World Tour which started in February this year. The song centers around a certain beautiful woman. I…
  • Ghafla: See What Jamila Mbugua's Twin, Wanjiru Mbugua Did With Eric Omondi
    21 Apr 2015 - Remember Wanjiru Mbugua,the identical sister to K24’s Jamila Mbugua?
  • Ghafla: Revealed: How To Join The Illuminati!!!!
    21 Apr 2015 -   Are you having trouble paying your rent? Is your land lord terrorizing you like ISIS? Are you tarmacking till your shoe sole is no more? Do you lack money to even buy ‘nyama quarter’? Do you want to be famous and have pantyless groupies lining up at your door?…
  • Ghafla: The Ultimate 'Sexy Saturday' Party Goes To Ladida Lounge This Weekend
    21 Apr 2015 - Maaad party this Saturday Guess where all party animals will be this coming Saturday? Ladida Lounge. Where DJ Pierra Makena Plans to show off her sexiness. The party has been dubbed ‘Sexy Saturday' and the organizers promise a pure rave Saturday night,plenty of drinking,non-stop dancing and 8hrs+ of non-stop…
  • Ghafla: Huddah Monroe Getting High On The Freshest Batch Of 'Bhangi' You Have Ever Seen
    21 Apr 2015 - In Kenya,buying of weed is often done clandestinely,maybe in shadowy alleyways and the exchange is often done with a lot of fidgeting,whispering and mystery.
  • Ghafla: Ladies And Gentlemen Guess Who Is Back From The Diaspora!
    21 Apr 2015 - Steve Waruta Started Jomino records in 2007 at Madaraka estate with the aim of  rivaling  other production houses at the time and give artists an avenue for growing their careers at a time when the music scene was not as developed as it is now . It given prominence by…
  • Ghafla: Victoria Rubadiri Talks Controversies In Gospel Music Industry
    21 Apr 2015 -   Back in the day,the Gospel industry was filled with people motivated to work for Christ,anointed people,but nowadays,the gospel industry just like the church has become a cash cow.
  • Ghafla: Cubano Does A Whole Metamorphosis To Karaoke As We Knew It!
    21 Apr 2015 - Karaoke has become an indelible part of night life,every club left right and center has a themed Karaoke Night that sees hundreds of people frequenting. For those who may not be on the know,Karaoke happens to be a lowest common denominator and bonding exercise for colleagues,friends,students,…
  • Ghafla: After Willy Paul And Bahati, Beef Is Rife Between Another Crop Of Gospel Singers
    21 Apr 2015 - Bahati and Willy Paul have been headlines ever since the former threw a tantrum at the latter,accusing him of stealing his songs and making them his own,purposely to bring his career down.
  • Ghafla: Sauti Sol Make Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame Share A Never Heard Before Secret
    21 Apr 2015 - If you thought Sauti Sol was only inspirational to common folks,then you are mistaken,some celebrities are also moved by their great artistry.
  • Ghafla: DStv Has Something Special For The Kids This Holiday Season
    21 Apr 2015 -   The young ones are currently on school holidays and this means they have plenty of free time to pursue their favourite pastime….watching TV!
  • Mpasho: #sarakasitrust: The Big Day Is Finally Here! The Circus Comes To Town
    21 Apr 2015 - Kaboom! The big day is finally here! What day you ask? Well the circus is in town! FINALLY! That means that you should make your way on down with your children and friends and enjoy the whimsical world of the circus! And if you thought things couldn't get any better than that,then you need to keep reading! For starters,it's going to be a red carpet affair so you should come through in nothing...
  • Mpasho: Benzema Adds To Madrid Injury Woes
    21 Apr 2015 - Karim Benzema looks set to join Luka Modric and Gareth Bale on the sidelines for Real Madrid's decisive Champions League quarter-final,second leg clash with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday with a knee problem."After the tests carried out on Karim Benzema by the Real Madrid medical team,they have diagnosed a sprain in the medial collateral ligament in his right knee," the club said in a statement...
  • Mpasho: This Is Why You Will Not Be Seeing Yvonne Maingey’s Chubby Cheeks Anymore
    21 Apr 2015 - She is among the few presenters who have always kept us glued to the screen whenever she is presenting news but we are going to miss her; Yvonne Maingey. Despite being one of the fastest rising celebrities in our local showbiz,Yvonne has been able to keep her private life under her wraps. She has never had a scandal,unlike her counterparts who are always in the limelight for all the wrong...
  • Nairobi News: Keep My Mother Out Of This, DNG Tells Boniface Mwangi
    21 Apr 2015 - Radio presenter DNG,born Davidson Ngibuini,had a tweef Tuesday morning with activist Boniface Mwangi over a statement the host made during his breakfast show on One FM. DNG’s co-host Saidi Lulu posted on Twitter: “Ati @dngkenya says there are no hot Kenyan women above 40 who look as good as #VictoriaBeckham..Someone please prove him wrong @OneFMKe.” The tweet drew criticism from fans but a...
  • Niaje: Van Persie Features In U-21 Match In Bid To Step Up Return From Ankle Injury
    21 Apr 2015 - Robin van Persie stepped up his return from an ankle injury after featuring for an hour in Manchester United Under-21s’ 1-1 draw with Leicester City on Monday evening. The 31-year-old,who has scored 13 goals in 26 appearances this season,has been sidelined since February 21 after injuring his ankle in the 2-1 defeat to Swansea City. Van Persie was one of six first-team players who started...
  • Niaje: Meet Gospel Artiste DK Kwenye Beat’s Gorgeous Girlfriend (Photos)
    21 Apr 2015 - Love doesn’t make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile. DK Kwenye Beat is currently one of the biggest gospel artists in the country. Popular gospel singer,David Kilonzo,popularly known to many as Dk Kwenye Beat,is one person who has managed to keep his private life away from the public. The saying normally goes that behind every successful man is a woman. Well...
  • Standard: Whitney Houston's Daughter, Bobbi Kristina, Will Have A Long Life - Doctors
    21 Apr 2015 - The 22-year-old has been in a coma since January,but is showing significant signs of improvement
  • Standard: Nainotepad: The Wannabes: Oh, How The Rich Kenyan Wannabes Suck
    21 Apr 2015 - Wheeler dealers like the cheap skunk in the expensive suit I saw shouting in a banking hall earlier this week about '‘Sh6.7 million',so everyone can hear,are wannabes.
  • Mpasho: Premier League, FA ‘fight’ Hurts England: Eriksson
    21 Apr 2015 - Former England manager Sven-Goran Eriksson says in-fighting between the Football Association and the Premier League is holding the national side back in the cradle of the game.The Swede was speaking after he and four other former England bosses backed FA chairman Greg Dyke's plan to force English clubs to give homegrown talent more opportunities.The proposal to raise clubs' minimum number of...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Are 3D Dresses The Future Of Bridal Gowns?
    21 Apr 2015 - Here’s the thing: 3D dresses have not suddenly risen into the forefront of fashion. In fact,they’ve been around for a few years now with companies such as Nike taking up this new technology in their manufacturing of their 2012 football shoes. But as the world and more specifically,the modern day bride is about to discover,this form of design is about take over the wedding...


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