• Zuqka: Billion Dollar Secret
    17 Apr 2014 - There’s a fascination that is as Kenyan as our national anthem,a chorus that spreads like wildfire every so often. … Related Stories: NEED HELP MAKING MONEY? Dear Cindy… Don’t let fear stand between you and success. Musings of last year and the year 2013 How You Can Benefit From Blogging The post Billion Dollar secret appeared first on Zuqka.
  • Zuqka: Tmi (Too Much Information)
    17 Apr 2014 - There are things you need to know,like your landlord’s favorite chocolate or your girlfriends comfort food. Information like that … Related Stories: Am in love with my ex’s best friend ‘I can’t withstand seeing my girlfriend talking… Peculiar Kenyans How You Can Benefit From Blogging Kenyabuzz Raha: Fun at your fingertips The post TMI (Too Much Information)...
  • Zuqka: Selfie
    17 Apr 2014 -   Alexander Graham Bell would have probably died of a comically induced heart attack if you had told him that … Related Stories: Philo’s blog: When photos were sacred Mind your phone security Dear Cindy… A smartphone that you can swim with Windows Mobile: why you should get a Nokia Lumia The post Selfie appeared first on Zuqka.
  • Zuqka: Dogfight
    17 Apr 2014 -                                                                                In case you were born yesterday,let me bring you up to speed; life is a fight for survival,natural … Related Stories: Mayweather outpoints Cotto Aviation evolution: from feathery wings to sleek jets Video game review: Fight Night – Champion Philo’s blog: Of Teachers and ridiculous emergency… #...
  • Zuqka: Friend Zone
    17 Apr 2014 - It’s located on the corner of just friends avenue and more than friends street,right next to nice guy Avenue. … Related Stories: Am in love with my ex’s best friend Dating an older woman,can it work? Juggling the livers that are friends Teen dating: can it successfully work How to make a relationship work The post Friend Zone appeared first on Zuqka.
  • Ghafla: One Of Its Kind Technology Graces Our Kenyan Houses
    17 Apr 2014 -   Safe Gas,is bringing a safe alternative to your kitchen with four main benefits:   Non-explosive gas cylinders- new technology safety regulation for composite gas cylinder ensure they do not blow up even in fire burning. Translucent thus you can get to see the gas level and avoid surprise…
  • Ghafla: The Biggest E.A Reggae Family Is Giving Out Free Shots Tonight!
    17 Apr 2014 -   Dohty Family officially invites you to celebrate their 10th anniversary and Easter  in style.
  • Ghafla: Introducing Mwenyehaki, The Next Big Thing In Music
    17 Apr 2014 - Mwenyehaki is an award winning Performing and recording artist,a song writer,a band leader and above all,a worship leader.
  • Ghafla: No Longer Dream It, Make Your 3-Some Fantasy The Wildest Reality!
    17 Apr 2014 - The largest Terrance bar in Nairobi and home of outdoor party is holding a 3-day party!!
  • Niaje: Tanzania’s Beauty Hamisa Mobeto Dominating The Fashion Industry (Photos)
    17 Apr 2014 - Most of us might know her but am pretty sure you have came across one of her photos somewhere. Well Hamisa Mobeto is a radio host and Model from Tanzania,she was featured on Pulse magazine sometime back and Inow fully understand why she is Tanzania’s favorite  celebrity. Although Hamisa is not known that much...
  • Ghafla: Tired Of Partying With The Underage Crowd? A New Club Graces Our Party Life
    17 Apr 2014 - The celebrated suave Burundi singer Nimbona famously known as Kidum has landed in Westi!
  • Ghafla: Twerking Has Become The Order Of The Day. We Even Have A Twerk Party!
    17 Apr 2014 - Wildest night of music,dance,adventure and fun is happening in Nairobi on the Easter weekend.Party people,#hashtag is bringing you an event of your life! With a mega line-up to entertain the lovers of EDM,House, Hip Hop & Kwaito. Catch Risper Faith at #HASHTAG VIP SECTION below is her twerking…
  • Niaje: The Daystar Creative Garage Ends On A High Note (Photos)
    17 Apr 2014 - After 14 Kenyan writers teamed up with Daystar University the results were the birth of the Creatives Academy. The academy kicked off in January 18 2014 and ran till April 19,2014 every Saturday morning at Daystar University’s Valley Road from 8 to 11 am. The Creative garage saw writers from all walks of live...
  • Ghafla: Top Kenyan Entertainers, The Likes Of Jaguar, Take The Easter Party To Nax
    17 Apr 2014 - It is that time of the yer when all roads led to Nakuru,the wildest place to party. While the jury is still out on the above assertion,Ngomalink brings you the perfect way to mark your Easter; A trip to Nax Vegas.
  • Standard: News: Nakedness, The New Trend!
    17 Apr 2014 - Seems nakedness is the new trend when it comes to the fashion world.
  • Vibe Weekly: Sarabi Band, Ken Wa Maria: The Most Sought- After Artists In Kenya
    17 Apr 2014 - @AnjeoC He is one of the most popular kamba artist of all time. He is the guy who brought you fundamendos and ‘Mutongoi’ he is Ken Wa Maria. The song ‘Fundamentals’ love it or hate it you cannot ignore it. Read More...
  • Zuqka: The Curious Case Of Mr. Happy
    17 Apr 2014 - He is known as the ageless artiste. Pharrell Williams’ adventures into music know no boundaries. He has made music that … Related Stories: Pharrell Williams to release new album 21 QUESTIONS: Victoria Kimani Ray J proud of Kim Kardashian sex tape reference Beyonce’s newest single is the bomb…literally Shinde to launch new song The post The Curious Case of Mr. Happy appeared...
  • Niaje: Gillette And Mclaren Mercedes Enhance Official Partnership
    17 Apr 2014 - Gillette,the world’s leading male grooming brand,is enhancing its collaboration with McLaren Mercedes,one of the most prestigious and successful teams in F1 history. The two brands are extending their partnership to bring to life an innovative marketing campaign focused on Precision Engineering. The partnership covers the Europe,Middle East and Africa. Gillette and...
  • Ghafla: After Successfully Launching Camp Mulla, Sub Sahara Introduces A Hot New Artiste
    17 Apr 2014 - After bringing you the bubbly and brilliant Camp Mulla,Sub Sahara Entertainment Ltd presents the newest kid in the Musik Block,Biko.
  • Niaje: Kenyan Rapper Octopizzo Pours Out His Heart To His Better Half (See Photo)
    17 Apr 2014 - Whoever said Kenyan and or African men are unromantic and very poor in expressing their feelings must have been dealing with the wrong group of men. Established rapper and a devoted father Octopizzo who is currently on a tour in Germany knows too well the value of appreciating a woman. The hiphop king took to social...
  • Ghafla: Lay With Jumbo, Get The Experience & Re-Define Yourself As An Artist
    17 Apr 2014 - Jumbo sounds records is a recording company based on recording and bringing a positive impact in the music industry,by signing in artist who are disciplined,talented and committed.     At jumbo sounds we make sure that all artists are treated the same,we give them ample time to…
  • Ghafla: Just A Band's Blinky Bill Goes All Ebony
    17 Apr 2014 - The biggest hip hop party for grown ups is back. This Thursday at Ebony Lounge with BLINKY BILL
  • Standard: News: Renowned Producer Accused Of Raping A Teenage Boy
    17 Apr 2014 - Renowned X-men producer and director Bryan Singer has been accused of drugging and raping a teenage boy in California and Hawaii according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. court.
  • Standard: News: Jimw@t Starts All Over Again And Gets Back To Work
    17 Apr 2014 - Having survived a tragic accident that left many artistes shocked,Jimw@t proved just how strong he could get,when the '‘going gets tough'.
  • Capital Lifestyle: Five African-American Chemists Who Changed The World
    17 Apr 2014 - They’ve alleviated pain,saved crops and blasted into space,to name just a few of their long list of accomplishments. Here’s a video featuring five black chemists who changed the world! The video highlights the work of icons like astronaut and chemical engineer Mae Jemison,the first woman of color to go into space,as well as Percy Julian,a pioneer in synthesizing materials from...
  • Ghafla: Throw Back Thursday: Vera Looking Ashy And Classless! Where's The Derriere Too?
    17 Apr 2014 - Vera Sidika is one of the most voluptuous vixens I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Her shape is a testimony to the fact that the creator is a man who works wonders and beauty into being! And i know I am not the only form-worshipping randy lad out…
  • Ghafla: Yho! Coast People Are Revamping The Party Life!!
    17 Apr 2014 - Here is a Non-stop 3days Easter aqua candy experience.The best Easter extravaganza this season starting from 18th-20th April. Cocktails courtesy of candy records such as: candy ride,aqua breezer,Easter dreamer,candy wave,aqua swing and high tide will be served. Tickets for 3 days goes at Kshs. 1200/= and…
  • Ghafla: Club Hyptonica: Where You Can Cut Loose And Dance Your Worries Away
    17 Apr 2014 -   We have a long weekend ahead and what better way to let everything go than with the best music,fine wine and a sexy bevy of experienced belly dancers gyrating their wiry waists for your viewing pleasure?
  • Ghafla: Photo Of The Day:Sophia Wanuna Kisses Betty Kyallo's Cute Baby Bump
    17 Apr 2014 - We had informed you earlier this year that beautiful Betty Kyalo had a bun in the oven.
  • Ghafla: DJ Stylez, DJ Creme De La Creme & Ken Wa Maria Go Head To Head In Machakos!
    17 Apr 2014 - Epic Nation Live,Heineken Kenya,Event Gear,Capital Fm and Channel O are at it again.


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