• Standard: News: Lindsay Lohan Talks About Her Miscarriage
    21 Apr 2014 - '“No one knows this,I had a miscarriage for those two weeks that I took off. It's a very long story,'” an emotional Lindsay revealed in the final episode,which aired on Sunday night.
  • Standard: News: Hollywood Heartthrob, Idris Elba, Welcomes Baby Boy Winston
    21 Apr 2014 - Idris Elba has welcomed a baby boy with girlfriend Naiyana Garth and named him Winston after his late dad.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Want Kenyans To Inhabit A Place? Build Roads There
    21 Apr 2014 - No one of course remembers the poor contractor put up the barriers for some reason. Build a road,and Kenyans will build houses and inhabit the area.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Welcome To Uganda Where The Law Is An A**
    21 Apr 2014 - Unbeknown to her,he had paid the clinician for an abortion. The wife was given a pill to swallow as part of the medical care. This caused severe bleeding and a miscarriage.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Agony As Overzealous City Askaris Welcome Me In Style
    21 Apr 2014 - A battered pick up van,which would have been more at peace in a junk yard than on the city's roads,creaked to a stop beside me. The various body parts were threatening to fall off.
  • The Star: Emmy Kosgei Slams Divorce Rumours
    21 Apr 2014 - Over the Easter weekend,online forums and blogs posted a story of the "impending divorce" between gospel singer Emmy Kosgei and hubby Apostle Anselm Madubuko. Social media was abuzz with the reports which were rubbished by the Taunet Nelel star. In numerous posts on her Facebook account,Emmy sort to allay the fears of her fans by telling them the online posts are a load of hokum. In one post...
  • The Star: Refigah To Spend Sh3.5M In Splash Wedding
    21 Apr 2014 - GRANDPA Records creative director Yusuf Noah aka Refigah is set to splash in excess of Sh3.5 million in the wedding with his long-time girlfriend Mahadia Omar . The three-day ceremony will be held in Ngong and Nairobi next month. The nuptials are scheduled to start at the bride's Ngong home on May 1,followed by the Nikah (Islamic wedding) on May 2 at the Ibn Omar Mosque in Ngong Town. Finally...
  • The Star: Kidis Rubbishes 'Baby-Mama' Drama
    21 Apr 2014 - Singer Nesphory Simbiga aka Kidis has denied allegations that he has neglected his roles as a father. The Kamua Leo -famed artiste was responding to an email message sent to showbiz writers on Wednesday by one Lydia Mwapoza ,accusing the singer of abandoning his one-year-old baby son that they sired together in 2013. According to Mwapoza,the two met in Mombasa in 2012 and started a romantic...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Nicki Minaj Wants To Get Married In A Hot Tub?
    21 Apr 2014 - Nicki Minaj wants to get married in a hot tub. The Starships hitmaker 31-year-old singer is rumoured to be engaged to her long-term partner Safaree Samuels,after she flashed a giant diamond ring while at a Los Angeles airport last month. A source said to British magazine Heat: “She wants to arrive by elephant,and to get soaking wet by jumping into either a pool or a hot tub for the...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Vlisco’s New Collection 'Bloom’ Captivates Imaginations
    21 Apr 2014 - This season,florals and botanicals are the centre of attention at Dutch label,Vlisco. Vlisco returns this spring with Bloom: “We have created five delicate new powder colours for a season full of floral designs,” the brand states. “These pretty colours make the whole collection blossom with elegance. This season,we share our admiration for the silent power and splendour of flowers and the...
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Shock As Upcoming Prophet's Strange Allegations Come To Pass
    21 Apr 2014 - Apparently,God told him the reason people of Pala were suffering was because a witchdoctor had decided to lock the potential of residents by placing a pot full of wizardry paraphernalia and a snake in the waters surrounding the area.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Are Men To Blame For The Rising Number Of Single Women?
    21 Apr 2014 - Nowadays being single has increasingly become more attractive. Dating these days lacks oomph or pizazz; it's nothing fantastic or memorable. It's the same old,same old.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Kenya Shouldn't Waste Time Drafting Climate Change Laws
    21 Apr 2014 - Let's not waste time and energy on pointless laws: let's focus on planting trees,conserving our wildlife,locking up corrupt politicians and killing poachers instead.
  • Nairobi Wire: Oswago Disowns Secret Recording And All Trending Images This Easter
    21 Apr 2014 - Hoping you’re enjoying your Easter as much as I am. Lets talk about the trending images today. First,the long awaited Jicho Pevu aired yesterday. There had been claims that State House had blocked Standard CEO from airing it,but that cannot be confirmed. Perhaps what was most shocking was a telephone conversation IEBC CEO James Oswago had with an ODM politician. He was heard saying how...
  • Standard: Pulse: Fundamentals Rock Machakos Festival
    21 Apr 2014 - It was a concert featuring top Kenyan entertainers among them deejay Styles,Crème de la Crème,Protégé,Crossfade,Ken wa Maria,Sarabi,Fena and Scott.
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Woman Assaults Man Denying Responsibility For Her Pregnancy
    21 Apr 2014 - The woman tripped him using her leg,and he came down tumbling with a thud,sending the crowd in delirium.
  • Standard: Pulse: Famous Showbiz Personality Ike Set To Wed, Again
    21 Apr 2014 - The Nigerian who is based in Nairobi travelled to Lagos on Thursday to prepare for the wedding that comes two years after the two held a traditional union in Mombasa
  • Standard: Pulse: Lupita Set To Face Yaya Toure
    21 Apr 2014 - Lupita has been nominated in MTV Africa Music Awards Personality of the Year category alongside Nigerian writer Chimamanda Adiche,Nigerian actress Omotola
  • Standard: Pulse: Gor Semelang'o To Face Bishop's Son In Mathare
    21 Apr 2014 - Gor's new move comes after a series of meetings by a number of youth groups among them musicians from Mathare who urged the entrepreneur to run for the post.
  • Standard: Pulse: Politician's Wife Gets Him Red Handed
    21 Apr 2014 - The flamboyant Western region politician had secretly flown the popular petit singer,whose song was a hit two years ago,to Mombasa and hired a room for her
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Agony Of Marrying A Spouse From '‘wrong' Ethnic Community
    21 Apr 2014 - Apparently,in Kenya,there is a heavy price spouses pay for marrying men and women from certain ethnic communities,
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Policewoman Beaten For Husband Snatching
    21 Apr 2014 - The aging policewoman,whom a witness revealed to this writer could be in her 50s,is alleged to be '‘hot blooded' and has a rabid fascination with young,handsome men.
  • Capital Lifestyle: The Chemistry Of Love Revealed
    21 Apr 2014 - Love has inspired timeless songs and sonnets — not to mention a few less-than-timeless romantic comedies. Here’s a video that explains how feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine and oxytocin fuel lifelong pair bonds in prairie voles,which — along with humans — are the mammalian kingdom’s leading monogamists. In the video,Abigail Marsh,Ph.D.,associate professor of psychology at...
  • Standard: Pulse: Kenyatta University Model Wins Miss University
    21 Apr 2014 - The Kenyatta University Economics and Statistics student beat 16 other finalists from various universities '— among them two fellow Kenyatta University models
  • Standard: Crazy Monday: Man Gifting Wife's Panties To Lover Busted
    21 Apr 2014 - '“I never hang my panties out for aeration,I always hang them in the bathroom,and once they are dry,I keep them away in the wardrobe,'” the man's wife was over heard yelling at her house girl,as she suspected her of stealing them.
  • Chillax: Prezzo: My Haters Should Watch Me Now
    21 Apr 2014 - Former Big Brother Africa reality show contestant Prezzo is defending his decision to use Huddah Monroe’s rival,Vera Sidika in his new video My Gal. The two socialites had been having online wars for a long time. Prezzo is said to have dated Huddah and it did not go down well with her when the rapper used Vera as a model in the new video. “I did this to shut my haters down,they should know that...
  • Chillax: East African Artistes To Boycott The Mama Awards
    21 Apr 2014 - A number of East African artistes are planning to boycott any plans for MTV Africa Music Awards to promote the awards in the region. They accuse Mamas of short changing the region’s artistes in this year’s event,and giving most nominations to South African and Nigerian artistes.  “Uganda was worst hit because their nomination is a collabo with Amani,who is a Kenyan artiste,” said one of Kenya’s...
  • Zuqka: Trials Fusion
    21 Apr 2014 - RATING: 8/10 This week,we decided to do a little something special for all the off-road racing fans. Trials Fusion … Related Stories: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Gamer Review: Dead Space 3 GAME REVIEW: STATE OF DECAY South Park: stick of truth GAMER’S REVIEW: BATMAN - ARKHAM CITY The post Trials Fusion appeared first on Zuqka.
  • Standard: The Nairobian: Journalist '‘ousts' Governor In Bed
    20 Apr 2014 - It is even rumoured that the governor once busted him in the house although the woman in question refused to open the door pretending to be deep asleep.
  • Standard: The Nairobian: I Bought My First Car Shaving Heads In Campus
    20 Apr 2014 - I tried my best to act diplomatic with the school administration and be a good manager while dealing with fellow students. Those were the days when extreme student leaders existed at UoN


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