• Nairobi Wire: Funny Photo – Kenya’s New Flag Unveiled
    27 Nov 2014 - If the country was to have a new flag at the moment,what would it look like? Well,Kenyans on social media have been pretty vocal over our selfie-taking president. While he was away in Abu Dhabi,28 people lost their lives from a terrorist attack. This has led to people getting frustrated with his selfie taking habits instead of addressing critical national issues like insecurity. And from that...
  • Nairobi Wire: This Guy Massacred Grammar Trying To Voice His Opinion On Shameless Men
    27 Nov 2014 - Thanks to social media,we have a platform to air our opinions on various matters affecting the country. However let us all learn to have good grammar as we try to be a voice in our society. If you have the brains to use Facebook,surely you should atleast be able to construct sentences that make sense. And if you must abuse people the same applies or you won’t be taken seriously.
  • Nairobi Wire: Kenya’s Number One Blonde Exposed
    27 Nov 2014 - They say fake it till you make it but that can sometimes prove to be someone’s downfall. In a recent study by Deloitte,Kenyans were described as flashy and materialistic and there is no denying that. The pressure to appear trendy can have devastating effects like in the case of a certain lady in this facebook conversation. Describing her experience on a flight,she forgot one little detail...
  • Nairobi Wire: Hilarious – This Is The Best Answer Ever To A Stupid Question
    27 Nov 2014 - Sometimes ignoring a stupid question is never enough. There are those among us who ask questions that are best answered with sarcasm. This virgin needed to know how to finger a girl and he got an epic response.
  • Nairobi Wire: Embarrassing Typo – Co-Op Bank Announces 'M-Banging’ Registration
    27 Nov 2014 - This is one of those times you look at a poster and wonder WTF? This Cooperative Bank M-Banking signage had a very embarrassing and confusing typo. They are calling for M-Banging registration. I wonder whether that tells us the status of the author when he/she wrote it. Via @ArcherMishale
  • Nairobi Wire: Adelle Onyango Shoots Episode Of Her Upcoming TV Show With Wyre
    27 Nov 2014 - Popular radio presenter Adelle Onyango will soon be making the switch from radio to our television screens. The KISS FM presenter was shooting an episode of her upcoming tv show during the video shoot of Wyre’s hit  Monie. Details on the new show are still scanty but Adelle has promised that it will be out real soon. Through her Instagram account,she posted a photo with the legendary...
  • Nairobi Wire: Lupita Nyong’o Suffering From Homesickness Over Ugali Sukuma(Photo)
    27 Nov 2014 - Kenyan Hollywood star Lupita Nyong’o has given the biggest hint yet that she could be coming home. Apparently the 12 Years A Slave star is home sick. Lupita was having the good old ugali and sukuma wiki for dinner when the nostalgia kicked in. It might be a long shot to think she might be coming home but it does not hurt anyone to hope. Lupita is currently attached to star in Star Wars...
  • Nairobi Wire: The Great Escape: Lady Demonstrates How To Get Away From The Cops (Photos)
    27 Nov 2014 - When you live in a country where demonstrations and strikes are common place,evading the cops is a skill one must have. During the Occupy Harambee Avenue protests that went down on Tuesday,one lady proved too much for the cops to handle. Having been nabbed the first time and thrown into the ‘mariamu’,the police trucks we all dread,she found an opportunity to show off her running...
  • Nairobi Wire: WTF – China Just Made A Clone Of Range Rover Evoque (Photos)
    27 Nov 2014 - No news here,just some information we may have left out. A Chinese company has made a clone of the beautiful car that is Range Rover Evoque.  Landwind Motors have started production of their new SUV called the Land Wind X7,and as these images show,the company has used the Range Rover Evoque for a more than a subtle design inspiration. The only noticeable difference to a ‘not very keen...
  • Nairobi Wire: Captain Alfred Mutua 'Flies’ His Damsel From Abu Dhabi (Photo)
    27 Nov 2014 - Besides being a top performing statesman,Machakos County governor Dr Alfred Mutua sure knows how to show a girl a good time. Yesterday we showed you how he took the First Lady of Machakos Lilian Ng’ang’a to the Abu Dhabi grand prix. It appears that was not all he had in store for his woman. On their flight back,the governor further impressed her by taking her to the cockpit and...
  • Nairobi Wire: The Best Uhuru Kenyatta Throwback Photos You’ve Not Seen
    27 Nov 2014 - He’s Kenya’s President and probably the most photographed person in the country today. However,I can bet 90% of Kenyans have not seen these old photos of him. Despite being a member of the first family,very little is known of him pre-1999. In fact,only recently did old photos start to come up. Today is Throwback Thursday and what best was to mark that,than with these. They were...
  • Mpasho: Chief Allegedly Gets Shot In Baringo By Suspected Bandits
    27 Nov 2014 - Reports just in seem to indicate that a chief in Baringo was shot in the leg earlier in the night by people suspected of being bandits. The information is still scanty at best but what I can say with all certainty is that we have the photos of him receiving treatment. Once again I must urge those of us with weak stomachs to give this one a pass but seeing as you’re still reading this...
  • Kenyan Post: World Is Ending! Top Female Celeb Bust3d Tw3rk!ng For A Dog (Video)
    26 Nov 2014 - Wednesday,26 November 2014 - Where is the world headed to? East African celebs are taking things to another level in search for fame and money.Below is a video of a popular Ugandan singer known as Sheebah Karungi,tw3rk!ng for a dog in her living room. Watch it below The Kenyan DAILY POST
  • Kenyan Post: Kiss TV’s Angeline Wanjeri Takes On Uhuru / Ruto Like Corazon Kwamboka
    26 Nov 2014 - Wednesday,26 November 2014 - Kiss TV’s Angeline Wanjeri has come out to criticize the Jubilee Government for too much empty talk while women are being str!pp3d all over.The eloquent TV Presenter was reacting to a recent incident where a lady was str!pp3d n()k3d in a Githurai bus and some shameless men were even caught on camera trying to insert bottles in her privates.According to Angeline,such...
  • Kenyan Post: Mike Sonko Called A Fool After He Did This In His Office. (Photo)
    26 Nov 2014 - Wednesday,26 November 2014 - Flamboyant Nairobi Senator,Mike Sonko,frequents social media to floss his wealth and this has always sparked varied reactions from his fans.On Tuesday,he posted a photo with Ksh 2 Million in his office and this was not received well by a social media user known as Denzel Musonye.He termed the flamboyant Senator as a fool and went ahead to question his upbringing....
  • Kenyan Post: Shocking Video!! White Man Caught F!ng3r!ng A Girl At A Night Club
    26 Nov 2014 - Last weekend,a couple; a white guy and a black girl decided to put a show for all revelers at a Night Club and below is what they did.Watch the video fast before it is yanked off. The Kenyan DAILY POST
  • Capital Lifestyle: #sex: Egypt Drops Ban On 'Adults Only’ Film
    26 Nov 2014 - An Egyptian court has revoked a government ban on a film by Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe that had been deemed sexually provocative,judicial sources said on Wednesday. In April,Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab suspended screening of “Halawet Rooh” (Beauty of Soul),a movie said to have been inspired by Monica Bellucci’s 2000 hit,“Malena”. That decision came just days...
  • Mpasho: Photo Of The Day: Rihanna And Beyonce Shut Down Lagos
    26 Nov 2014 - While Kenyans were busy laughing at Nollywood,they were getting their money. I am on record as having said that I am a huge fan of the Nollywood business model and it would seem Beyonce and Rihanna do too. Allow me to elaborate further:           The post Photo Of The Day: Rihanna And Beyonce Shut Down Lagos appeared first on Mpasho News.
  • Ghafla: Meet NTV's Smriti Vidyarthi Sister. Looks Do Run In The Family (Photo)
    26 Nov 2014 - It’s no secret that Smriti Vidyarthi is one of the most attractive Kenyan TV anchors,so it’s only natural that her elder sister is quite the looker herself.
  • Ghafla: #teamnaivashanye: Get Vendor Value For Money
    26 Nov 2014 - Hakuna Matata acknowledges the need for vendors to make their money back at the festival and so are offering exclusive rights to vendors/merchants to sell their products at the festival for only Ksh 10,000. This excludes alcohol and food. For more details on this contact 0700446644 Hakuna Matata promises to…
  • Ghafla: Ciku Muiruri Goes Berserk On Robert Alai Over His Comments On President Uhuru
    26 Nov 2014 - Former radio presenter Ciku Muiruri has expressed her frustrations on the like of Robert Alai who were whining about the president enjoying a nice time in Abu Dhabi while Kenyans were being slaughtered.
  • Ghafla: Mark Your Calenders, Nairobi's Ideal Grill Bar To Be Launched Soon
    26 Nov 2014 - " For Grill and Bar Experience,We have the pleasure to invite you all to our new SKYDOME Restaurant and Bar at Suja Mall around Donhome Area,just like our page and you earn a 15% Discount on anything that you will spend on,just like our FaceBook page and…
  • Ghafla: This Was Lillian Muli's Take On The Ugandan Nanny Viciously Attacking A Child
    26 Nov 2014 - Citizen TV’s news anchor was too traumatized to even watch the entire clip of the Ugandan house help torturing a toddler.
  • Ghafla: Revealed: The Whole Truth You Need To Know About Girl Group Tatuu,
    26 Nov 2014 - On Tuesday night we had an invite for dinner at Kempinski,It was the re-launch Of Prisk,a God-sent platform that collects royalties for musicians both Locally and internationally. It is while I was there  that I ran into Angela Mwandanda,the pretty girl with lots of dimples on her…
  • Buzz: Can Local Socialites Flaunt The Cash?
    26 Nov 2014 - Famous for just being famous,Kenyan socialites have only gone as far as being video vixens as their international counterparts soar to reality shows and huge pay days.
  • Buzz: AY: Bringing Hollywood Home
    26 Nov 2014 - Bongo Flava rapper AY,is in the headlines once again after proving his detractors wrong about his Hollywood dream. He just got back from the US where he shot a music video with Hollywood star Sean Kingston.
  • Vibe Weekly: Man Badly Beaten By A Woman Over 'Miniskirt' Debate? ? ?
    26 Nov 2014 - This Nyeri woman rained blows on her alleged man after a heated debate ensured regarding the miniskirt issue. Read More...
  • Ghafla: You Cannot Afford To Miss This Exciting Experience For You & Your Family
    26 Nov 2014 - #KidsFestivalKE MEGA is here! Children will activate the spirit of giving back in them,discover sportsmanship in them while having fun and interacting with sports personality and other icons. ''All work with no play,makes Jack a dull boy'' WHEN? 30th November 2014 WHERE? CARNIVORE KENYA TIME? 10am -5:30pm HOW…
  • Ghafla: Shock As Singer Wakes Up To Find Dead Snakes Dumped On Her Doorstep
    26 Nov 2014 -   Call it superstition or whatever you may call it but it utterly shocks when one wakes up in the morning,opens the door and gets the scare of their life when they see small snakes killed and dumped on their doorsteps.
  • Ghafla: Santa Claus Comes To Kenya! You Won't Believe Through Which Celeb
    26 Nov 2014 - Its been a minute since Eric Omondi decided to shower as with his frolics and make our ribs-shatter at the end of night with his funny unlimited jokes. Well,he's back. Christmas is here beautiful people,not only do we need (read 'expect') gifts,a good laughter should also be…


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