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  • Nairobi Wire: This Luo Has Spelt Out The Conditions For Mutahi Ngunyi’s Apology
    26 Aug 2015 - Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi sent out his apology to ‘The Luo Nation’ yesterday after a series of offending tweets. It was sort of an anticlimax for many,who expected relevant bodies to charge him with hate speech. However,not everyone is buying into the apology. Two well known luos, Jakakimba and Seth Odongo have spelt out these conditions for Mutahi. “Mutahi Ngunyi’...
  • Nairobi Wire: The 10 Highest Earning DJs Of 2015
    26 Aug 2015 - Forbes has released their annual list of the world’s highest earning DJs. Once again,Scotland’s Calvin Harris (Taylor Swift’s boyfriend) is the top earner,making an estimated $66 million. That is more than the highest paid actress Jennifer Lawrence. Harris,31,a record producer who has worked with the likes of Rihanna and Ne-Yo,saw his 2014 album “Motion” debut...
  • Nairobi Wire: Raw Video – How This Mad Cyclist Almost Died Yesterday
    26 Aug 2015 - I’m sure we’ve seen them. Mad cyclists who cling on high vehicles on highways. Being a cyclist myself,I’ve never understood the logic,since the whole point of cycling is to exercise your muscles. One Twitter user @Jackie_Arkle captured the moment one cyclist lost his balance yesterday,while clinging on the back of a truck. He was lucky to fall on the side of the road,...
  • Nairobi Wire: Hilarious... 21 Pictures That Prove Punctuation Is Very, Very Important
    26 Aug 2015 - In our everyday communication,punctuation is very important. Failure to punctuate sentences or punctuating incorrectly,especially in written grammar,can bring out entirely different meanings. The Oxford comma is one key punctuation mark often left out. It is an optional comma put before ‘and’ or ‘or’,or used after a list of three or more items. The following images...
  • Nairobi Wire: The Hottest Stories On The Internet Today (Wednesday August 26)
    26 Aug 2015 - The following are the biggest headlines from the biggest news-sources in the world today. Donald Trump To Deport Kenyans if Elected President? The three richest men in Asia just lost $5.6 billion Serena Williams ‘warned about Drake’ after pair get VERY cosy over dinner Boy breaks his fall at a museum by punching a hole through a $1.5 million painting David and Victoria Beckham enjoy...
  • Nairobi Wire: All The Trending Images This Wednesday
    26 Aug 2015 - These are the images trending on social media today.
  • Nairobi Wire: The Funniest Memes On The Internet Today (Wednesday August 26)
    26 Aug 2015 - Our daily ‘funny memes’ compilation is ready. Remember to tell a friend to tell a friend because this is the real deal.
  • Nairobi Wire: Video – Embarrassing Moment Lady Shows Up For A Date With Friends
    26 Aug 2015 - Men have complained for a long time of their dates showing up with friends. This is quite common in the early days of a relationship,when the lady probably does not trust the guy,and comes with some ‘security’ incase things don’t go well. On Friday or Saturday nights,many girls see the opportunity for an ‘all expense paid’ girls night out,with Snapp and Guarana...
  • Nairobi Wire: Donald Trump To Deport Kenyans If Elected President?
    25 Aug 2015 - Smart people read the Star,but who the f*ck rights that thing. Yesterday,the paper carried a story that Republican frontrunner Donald Trump plans to deport Kenyans if he’s elected President of the United States. The titled the story,“Donald Trump will deport all Kenyans living in the US if elected President.” The story was originally carried by satirical website politicalo....
  • Nairobi Wire: Hilarious Trending Images This Tuesday
    25 Aug 2015 - These are the images trending on Twitter today.
  • Nairobi Wire: The Funniest Memes On The Internet Today (Tuesday August 25)
    25 Aug 2015 - Our daily compilation of funny memes is ready. Remember to the entire day by day collection on This Link.
  • Nairobi Wire: Video Of The Day: The Funniest Shooting Prank Compilation
    25 Aug 2015 - For our video of the day today,we look at one of the funniest prank video compilation you’ll ever see; Shooting prank. Basically,two guys hide at a corner with one pretending that he’s about to get shot. The other makes loud bang,while another person records the reactions of passersby. Make sure you have 10 minutes to spare,because you’ll want to watch this to the end....
  • Nairobi Wire: 40 Safety Fails... Why Women Live Longer Than Men
    25 Aug 2015 - Apparently,out of the top 40 oldest people in the world today,less than 10 are men. Coincidence? Bad luck?,I think not. We have compiled a list of 40 photos showing men living dangerously,which may try to explain the statistics.
  • Nairobi Wire: The Hottest Stories On The Internet Today (Tuesday August 25)
    25 Aug 2015 - The following are some of the biggest headlines from the biggest news sources in the world today. Newcastle’s New Signing In Kidnap Fear After Getting In Wrong Taxi While Wearing A Tuxedo PHOTOS Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Sh1.9 Billion Apartment The UK is testing out roads that charge electric cars as they go 32 photos of Apple’s early days before it ruled the world...
  • Nairobi Wire: Raw Video! Two Women Given A Dog’s Beating For Stealing Clothes In Mombasa
    25 Aug 2015 - It baffles me that there are people out there who still have the guts to try stealing despite the ramifications that the act poses. It is the norm in the county for members of the public to take the law into their own hands once they nab a thieving individual. By the time law enforcers appear on the scene to intervene,blood has been spilled and in extreme cases someone has been set on fire. That...
  • Nairobi Wire: Safaricom Halts Sale Of 'The Big Box’ After Wi-Fi Defect
    25 Aug 2015 - For several weeks now,Safaricom has not been selling its internet enabled digital TV decoders. The decoders were only available at their official retail outlets,but they’ve been missing from the shelves. It has emerged that the decision to cease the sale was made after it emerged that the Wi-Fi hotspot generated by the decoder was not strong enough to allow indoor internet access....
  • Nairobi Wire: Crazy! Check Out These Hilarious Posts By Kenyans On Social Media
    25 Aug 2015 - The Kenyan sense of humor is undeniable. Someone somewhere is always coming up with a funny post on social media hoping it will go viral. We have compiled some of the best. Enjoy!    
  • Nairobi Wire: Sonko Takes His Family And Baby Osinya Shopping In Dubai – Photos
    25 Aug 2015 - Since adopting Baby Satrin Osinya and his elder brother,Mike Sonko has been giving and providing the two with everything young boys their age could ask for. Talk of good schooling and grooming,Osinya and his brother have been having what most kids crave for. Well,now that schools are on a holiday break,the flamboyant Nairobi Senator decided to fly out his family to Dubai for a vacation in the...
  • Nairobi Wire: Raila Marks His Wife’s Birthday Bash In Style – Photos
    25 Aug 2015 - Just a few weeks after celebrating Allay’s birthday,Baba Raila Odinga organized another similar ceremony for his wife Idah Odinga who has just turned a year older. With her bash coming days before their 42nd wedding anniversary,Baba poured his heart to his wife with this short romantic message. “The past 42 years have been an incredible journey and as I await to celebrate our 42nd...
  • Nairobi Wire: The Funniest Memes On The Internet Today (Monday August 24)
    24 Aug 2015 - It’s a new week,and what better to start it off than a dose of funny memes. Only the best are handpicked,so make sure to check out our past collections.
  • Nairobi Wire: Hilarious... Hapa Kule’s Njugush Battles It Out With Shaniqwa The Socialite
    24 Aug 2015 - SHANIQWA Pulse: How would you describe Njugush in two words? Shaniqwa: Please let it be three; thin,thinner,thinnest! P: Imagine Njugush in contest,what would it be? S: An eating competition. He would get a certificate of participation. P: If you got into a physical tiff,how would you go about it? S: Why would I even waste my energy,all I need to use is blow dry and off he goes. P: Imagine...
  • Nairobi Wire: Machachari’s Almasi Is Becoming Quite The Ladies’ Man – Photos
    24 Aug 2015 - Boys will not always be boys because a time has to come when they mature up and become men. Yes,such is the case with Machachari’s actor Almasi (Ian Munene). Once a young boy,Almasi,who is now a high school student,seems to be undergoing through the changes of teenage-hood. Recent photos of him hanging out with his lady friends over the August holiday have revealed how much of a man the...
  • Nairobi Wire: Hilarious Kenyan Images That Will Take Your Monday Blues Away
    24 Aug 2015 - Kenya is a gold mine of crazy. From misspellings to wise quotes to funny hotel menus and strange habits caught on camera,they are sprawling from all corners of this country. Here’s a compilation of some of the craziest images doing rounds on the internet. We hope they take your Monday blues away    
  • Nairobi Wire: Video Of The Day: Lilian Muli Interviews Ne-Yo
    24 Aug 2015 - Lilian Muli pulled a major coup on competition by interviewing American recording artist Ne-Yo for her ‘One on One’ segment. The singer was in town for Coke Studio Africa,and Lilian thought ahead of others,especially direct rival Larry Madowo. It would have been a bigger win if it was an in-studio interview,but at least she got him on set. That interview is our video of the day.
  • Nairobi Wire: Photos – Inside Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Sh1.9 Billion Apartment
    24 Aug 2015 - Cristiano Ronaldo just added fuel to the rumours that he’ll be moving to MLS when his contract with Real Madrid ends. The Portuguese soccer star has just dropped a cool $18.5 million (KSh1.9 Billion) on an apartment in New York City’s Trump Tower. The 2,500-square-foot pad previously belonged to Alessandro Proto — a business partner of Donald Trump. Check out the interior of this...
  • Nairobi Wire: The Hottest Stories On The Internet Today (Monday August 24)
    24 Aug 2015 - The following are some of the biggest stories in the world right now. Usain Bolt wins 100m at World Championships by .01 seconds over Justin Gatlin UK reopens its Iran embassy as relations warm The 10 biggest winners and losers of the summer movie season Wiz Khalifa shoved to ground by police after refusing to get off scooter Top 10 Most Beautiful Presidential Palaces in Africa...
  • Nairobi Wire: All The Trending Images This Monday
    24 Aug 2015 - Hope your weekend was good. To start off this new week,here are the trending images.
  • Nairobi Wire: Top 10 Most Beautiful Presidential Palaces In Africa
    21 Aug 2015 - African leaders are known to have opulent lifestyle. In the 80s and 90s when most of them ruled with an iron fist,they spent billions constructing mega mansions and presidential palaces. Of course most of them thought they would rule forever. In Kenya,the only palace that was constructed was meant for the vice president,but that converted into the personal residence of our former president....
  • Nairobi Wire: All The Trending Images This Friday
    21 Aug 2015 - Hoping you’ve had a great week,and to start your weekend,we’ve aggregated the most important trending images from Twitter. Lets do this.
  • Nairobi Wire: The Funniest Memes On The Internet Today (Friday August 21)
    21 Aug 2015 - Once again,here’s a collection of some really funny memes collected from all over the internet. You can catch up with our older funny memes on this link.

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