• Buzz: Prince Turns From Recluse To Healer In Baltimore Rally
    12 May 2015 - "Purple Rain" hitmaker also knowns refashioned himself Sunday as a community healer as he led a peace concert in Baltimore.
  • Niaje: Ababu Namwamba Gives His Wife The Best Mother’s Day Present (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - It is said that when one is in love,it easily manifests in the things they do to/with their loved one. No one can actually be able to break the bond that two lovers have between them,and if they do the two always find a way of getting back together. One couple in Kenya,Ababu Namwamba and his wife Prisca Mwaro are a few of the well known figures in Kenya that always display their love and...
  • Mpasho: After Denying He Is Illuminati, Jose Chameleone Shows Off His Mansion (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - He is indeed rich. Leading East African artiste Jose Chameleone is living proof that music does pay. The Wale Wale hit singer is among the few musicians who have remained relevant in the music industry. While others like Mr. Nice have faded into oblivion,Chameleone has continued to cement his place among the most sought after music kings in East Africa. He is swimming in riches. His flashy...
  • Standard: Man Caught Red-Handed On Camera Having Sex With Expensive Car
    12 May 2015 - The man dressed in a t-shirt and trousers was seen at first coyly walking around the flash motor inside a garage.
  • Ghafla: Huddah Monroe Frees Her Nipples On Instagram (Nsfw)
    12 May 2015 -   Huddah Monroe titillated her Instagram audience recently when she casually showed off her nipples in a lime green/yellow dress.
  • Ghafla: Check Out The Ultimate Saturday Night Dance Party
    12 May 2015 - It’s being called Nairobi’s nightlife therapy,Skylux Lounge certainly lives up to that standards because it boasts of hosting the liveliest parties in town. Past weeks alone,the exquisite club has successfully hosted thrilling gigs; from Idri’s African Tour,Huddah and Zari’s Art of Luxury,L.A.X themed night,Risper Faith's…
  • Niaje: Niaje Five; Kenyan Tracks That Your Playlist Must Have
    12 May 2015 - Music gives soul to the universe,wings to the mind,flight to the imagination,and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. Kenyan music has evolved over the years into a talent filled industry of course not without a few hits and misses. Kenyan music would definitely go a little further up the international music scene if it got the right support from back home through listeners and air play...
  • Niaje: Uefa Champions League Preview: Bayern Munich Vs Barcelona
    12 May 2015 - Barca are making headway to Bavaria tonight for a UCL 2 nd Leg Clash,boasting of a 3.0 Lead against German opponents Bayern Munchen. The injury hit Bavarian face an uphill task of breaking down Barcelona’s mean defence,which has not let in a goal in their last seven outings in all competitions. Here are some interesting stats that could set the Tempo in tonight’s highly-anticipated encounter....
  • Niaje: Mike Sonko Is Now A Qualified Pilot (Photo)
    12 May 2015 - Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is known for his excessive display of wealth each and every time he is in the public light from his  flashy fleet of  cars with customized number plates to large bundles of notes he’s always seen dishing out to his constituents to acquiring for his daughter a sleek convertible car. Sonko seems to have been found a new hobby in flying,which is associated with the...
  • Standard: Kenyan Talents Starred In Upcoming American Science Fiction Series
    12 May 2015 - Kenyan actors join the global front in film as they feature in an upcoming American science fiction drama web television series
  • Vibe Weekly: Singer Size 8 Was Busted By Her Hubby Doing This!!! (Photo)
    12 May 2015 - Celebrity couple,Size 8 and her hubby DJ Mo have constantly graced the limelight since their wedding in 2013 always in love and sharing the joy of their love with the world.
  • Capital Lifestyle: Top 3 Reasons To Visit A Nutritionist
    12 May 2015 - To juice or not to juice.. Go Vegan… Gluten free.. Maybe even the Caveman diet! Lets be honest; diet and nutrition is pretty much the most debated topic ever! A quick visit to Pinterest will leave you feeling perplexed on how you should start cleaning up your diet and which of the varies methods will work the best for you. This is why we believe you should definitely make the decision to visit a...
  • Ghafla: Singer Avril's Fiance Reveals An Embarrassing Secret
    12 May 2015 - After years of being every school boy’s fantasy,Avril was swooped away by a South African investor much to the sorrow of her horde of aficionados.
  • Mpasho: Too Good! Listen To Kalekye Mumo’s Spanking New Gospel Song!
    12 May 2015 - She stepped into the music industry three years ago and is still going strong. The celebrated radio personality has recently released a new song that will take over the Kenyan airwaves for sure. The track dubbed "Rescue" is a heart-warming message to anyone going through a hard time. It encourages you to pray to God whenever you are feeling helpless and hopeless. "See all you've got to do is...
  • Ghafla: 10 Books That Will Turn You Into A Superstar
    12 May 2015 - I’ve always been a reader but sometime in 2013,I felt I was too smart a writer to read. Great ideas would come to me naturally and so I had the perception that other people were the ones supposed to read from me not the other way round. I was…
  • Standard: Songbird Emmy Kosgei Becomes A Grandmother
    12 May 2015 - Nigerian televangelist Anselm Madubuko,Emmy's husband,took it to social media to express his joy after his daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.
  • Standard: Galinthehood: Roll-Up Drying Rack
    12 May 2015 - You want to dry your dishes but also save on counter space.try this roll-up drying rack.
  • Standard: Galinthehood: Soap Foam Dispenser
    12 May 2015 - You can now reduce soap usage by 75 per cent,by turning your favorite liquid hand soaps into rich,thick and soothing foam using this soap foam dispenser.
  • Standard: Galinthehood: Creative Headboards
    12 May 2015 - The bed claims the attention in every bedroom and,therefore,when it comes to bedroom elements,a headboard is probably the most important. They are available in shops but there is also a possibility of the creative to make their own.
  • Kenya Buzz: 2nd Adcc Behance Portfolio Reviews
    12 May 2015 - Twice annually,Behance presents Portfolio Review Week,an unprecedented series of volunteer-organized events. Full Schedule,Map,Contact Details Nailab Kenya,Ngong Road May 15,2015 10 a.m.
  • Mpasho: Ladies! If You Can’t Twerk Save Yourself The Public Embarrassment (Video)
    12 May 2015 - It not only happens in Kenya but all over Africa. Lately Mpasho has been posting a series of videos of ratchet ladies attempting to twerk but failing miserably at it. My advice to women; if you can’t twerk,please save us and yourself the embarrassment. Stick to traditional dances and no one will question you about that. Watch the video of this lady struggling to twerk to Timaya’s hit...
  • Niaje: KTN’s Jameni Actor Shaniqua Taking Things A Little Too Far? (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - These days both female and male comedians will take an extra mile to survive in this competitive Industry. They are allowed to do anything entertaining to help them reach their target audience. But there are concerns that some are taking it too far. Recently there have been complains about Shaniqua jokes. The makeup,wigs,heels are turning out to be a turn off to most fans. Even though everyone...
  • Ghafla: Vera Sidika Slammed For 'Copying' Huddah And Zari
    12 May 2015 - Vera Sidika is constantly compared to other socialites,I guess it’s something that comes with the territory .
  • Capital Lifestyle: Accessible Tech: Chrome Browser Adds Colour-Blind Filter
    12 May 2015 - Google’s Chrome browser gets more accessible with their new free tool that helps users who are colour-blind. The Chrome Color Enhancer is a sliding scale that helps users who are colour-blind or have difficulties in distinguishing red from green or yellow from grey. The user now can easily adjust the colours of the browser until it aligns with their perception of colour. You can now download...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Google Self-Driving Cars Not Crash-Proof
    12 May 2015 - Google on Monday said that even self-driving cars that can sense and react faster than humans still wind up in accidents. “We’ve been hit from behind seven times,mainly at traffic lights but also on the freeway,” Chris Urmson,the head of Google’s autonomous car program,said in an online post. “We’ve also been side-swiped a couple of times and hit by a car...
  • Ghafla: Sassy Socialite Shaniqwa To Host #mtandaofestival. Find Out More
    12 May 2015 - Mtandao Festival targets the ever increasing users of social media in Kenya - Twitter,Facebook,Instagram,etc. With the increase of numbers of people joining social media- from individuals,bloggers,artists,bigwigs,brands,musicians,clients,mentors,corporates,community groups,NGOs,government departments you name it. Everyone is online! Social media…
  • Niaje: DStv Kenya Reduces Prices For Its Decoders
    12 May 2015 - With the growing competition in the Pay TV business,each market player is trying make their services better in terms of pricing or offering better packages to so as attract consumers to purchase their decoders. Recently,In what is termed the Deal of the century DSTv Kenya  decided to significantly reduce the price of its DSTv HD decoders by 48% up from Ksh 4800 to Ksh 2,499.The decoders will...
  • Niaje: Ciku Muiruri Penns Down A Stern Warning Directed At President Kenyatta
    12 May 2015 - President Kenyatta’s recent remark about media seems too have not been received kindly by most people especially media personalities. Former Radio personality and lifestyle writer Ciku Muiruri took to her social media page to share her thoughts. This is poking what I’d call a bee hive. She posted ; Uhuru Kenyatta’s contempt for the Fourth Estate is… worrying. Don’t pick...
  • Niaje: Is Ali Kiba Secretly Dating Diamond Platnumz Ex?
    12 May 2015 - Another mans past is another mans future or current. Matters of the heart cannot be changed and as usual the heart wants what it wants. Diamond has had a share of love with various celebrity girlfriends before meeting his wife. But after a break up one has to pick themselves up and move on right? Well all his exes seem to have done that. Just recently there were rumors on Bongo 5 that Ali Koba...