• Mpasho: Dunia Inaisha! How Can High School Students Do This To Each Other? (Video)
    13 May 2015 - It would appear that the youth are getting more and more uncontrollable. Despite sex education being taught in schools,young girls and boys seem not to be paying attention to their tutors. Videos of teenagers grinding on each other in the name of dancing continue to pop up on social media. Does this mean someone is sleeping on their job? Watch the video below of high school girls rubbing their...
  • Mpasho: The Complete Guide To Earning Money While Sleeping On Your Bed
    13 May 2015 - Yes,you can earn money from the comfort of your bedroom. You'll just need a good Internet connection and a reliable power supply. Those top bloggers you see leading the glamorous life don’t just type away the whole night and weight for clients to approach them. One of the ways they earn their money is by affiliate marketing. They do this by talking about their clients’ products and services in...
  • Mpasho: Emmanuel Adebayor’s Younger Brother Begs For Forgiveness
    13 May 2015 - Rotimi Adebayor the younger brother to Togo and Tottenham Hotspurs striker Emmanuel Adebayor has come out to beg for forgiveness from the footballer. Recently,the Togo national team captain exposed his family on social media,accusing them of being greedy and singled out Rotimi as a thief who stole his football mementos and other valuables. “My Brother Stole A T-shirt Given To Me By Zinedine...
  • Mpasho: #railaisclean: Kenyans On Twitter Go Crazy Defending Raila Odinga
    13 May 2015 - A few weeks after Deputy President William Ruto was allegedly linked to yet another corruption scandal; Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital,Kenyans this time round defended him under hashtag #Rutoisclean. Whistleblower Allegedly Ties Ruto To 28Billion Shilling Hospital Scam [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="7479,7478,10888,18811,4871"]   Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga was...
  • Standard: Lifestyle: 'Kilimani Mums Rescue Team' That Can Do Wonders Too
    13 May 2015 - When touts undressed a woman at the Embassava matatu terminus,Kilimani Mums mobilised
  • Standard: "I'll Expose Your Nudes“ Stranger Tells Millie Odhiambo
    13 May 2015 - Controversial female politician Millie Odhiambo does not care if her nudes are exposed online!
  • Standard: Nigerian Singer Burna Boy Threatens To Hospitalize Or 'Kill' Bloggers
    13 May 2015 - Nigerian dancehall act Burna Boy has sent message to bloggers
  • Capital Lifestyle: Shocking: Teacher Demands Students Must Do Exam Naked
    13 May 2015 - Students of the course Visual Arts 104A: Performing the Self have been told they must take their final exam in the nude or fail. Associate Professor Ricardo Dominguez who will also be naked in the exam room looks after the visual arts class in UC San Diego and says that these exam conditions have been the same for the past 11 years. According to Dominguez,the class “focuses on...
  • Buzz: Jennifer Lopez Takes Career To Las Vegas
    13 May 2015 - Jennifer Lopez,a pop sensation starting in the late 1990s whose career has since matured,will turn her repertoire into a Las Vegas show.
  • Niaje: Episode 2 Of Season 1 Of Nairobi Floods In Photos
    13 May 2015 - Call it a curse or a blessing but Nairobi is going to rain till the first week of June says the weather analysts. We have witnessed the first and second episode of this bad season and there is more to come. As we all go through the same experience we hope that Nairobi drivers will learn to respect each other on the roads or else passengers will keep getting home after midnight. Here are some...
  • Capital Lifestyle: 6 Unhealthy Thoughts Stopping You From Losing Weight
    13 May 2015 - With everything you’ve heard and read about weight loss,you might be confused about how to lose weight in a healthy,permanent way. With all of the untested theories of weight loss floating around in diet books remember,not everything you read in a book written by ‘doctors’ or ‘professors’ is necessarily true there are many ideas that may have snuck in...
  • Ghafla: Drama! Kenyan Celebs Wives Caught Pants Down With Other Men
    13 May 2015 -                                          BETRAYAL                         Written by Peace Mbegei and Abuto...
  • Mpasho: I Am Sure You Don’t Know These Details About Human Trafficking In Kenya
    13 May 2015 - The International Organization for Migration (IOM) says that from its study on migrant flows through North Africa through the years,Eritrea has topped the list of immigrants in numbers. Immigrants pay up to $5,000 USD to sail on human traffickers’ ships to Europe. This is because people want to go abroad to have better lives; better jobs so as to support their families back home. When they...
  • Mpasho: This Is The One School That Guarantees You An Amazing Job!
    13 May 2015 - In a world that is growing more and more digital every single second,traditional marketing is slowly becoming defunct. We are moving on to native advertising which is more effective and resonates well with a targeted audience. You can think of Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter and other platforms that are the future of advertising. This means you can work for Instagram,IBM,Safaricom,Radio Africa...
  • Standard: Golfer Tiger Woods Accused Of Cheating Before Split With Wife
    13 May 2015 - The professional golfer,whose past infidelities caused the collapse of his marriage to Elin Nordegren in dramatic fashion,has split with the Olympic skier after three years together
  • Mpasho: 11 Makini Students Trapped In Bus After Being Stranded By Flood Waters Rescued
    13 May 2015 - Eleven Makini school students who had been trapped in their bus in floods in South C area,have been rescued. The students were stranded for over eight hours before they were rescued at 4.30 am this morning. [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="58849,58850,58851"] They were in a school bus being dropped home last night when the vehicle was trapped in the waters near South C mosque....
  • Niaje: Stunning Photos Of Abbas Kubaff’s Cute Daughter
    13 May 2015 - If you thought Octopizzo’s daughter is the only cute mixed race baby girl in the entertainment scene,then you thought wrong. Rapper Abbas Kubaff has now started sharing photos of his mixed race “pointee” daughter and well she is one adorable baby. The rapper and his German wife welcomed their beautiful girl,Sofia,earlier this year and she is now growing up so fast. First time...
  • Ghafla: Shaniqwa Flirts With A Super Hot Chick In Public
    13 May 2015 - Sassy KTN socialite,Shaniqwa,has been ‘trapped’ by the alluring beauty of some girl he landed his eyes on,Team Mafisi will equally be mesmerized.
  • Niaje: Caroline Mutoko: I’d Be Insane To Ask A Guy Out
    13 May 2015 - The queen of radio has spoken. If you want her,you had better step up because she won’t be doing your job for you. She believes it is the man’s job to ask the girl out,apparently she’s “traditional” like that. I think it cuts both ways,some people are very slow and can not see a good thing even if it was thrust int their eyes using a canon. If the nudge is...
  • Ghafla: This Is Why Lulu Hassan And Husband Rashid Abdalla Are Talking About Their Son
    13 May 2015 - Celebrated media personalities Lulu Hassan of Citizen TV and her husband Rashid Abdalla of Q FM have been having a fantastic year so far after celebrating a series of birthdays.
  • Standard: Campus Vibe: It's No '‘sin' To Get Baby In Campus - Mr And Miss Moi University
    13 May 2015 - The recently crowned Mr and Miss Moi are on a campaign to ensure pregnant students are respected.
  • Standard: Lifestyle: The Labour Of Love At The Local Bar
    13 May 2015 - Sots who had suffered from '‘Dutch erection' had not been released from hospital,from where they had been admitted after partaking libido boosting horse biscuits.
  • Standard: Lifestyle: Mwah! The Lipstick's Kiss Of Death
    13 May 2015 - That women love beauty is a given. Mascara,lipstick,lotion,creams: they all sound and look harmless.
  • Capital Lifestyle: Skype Opens Door To Real-Time Translation Feature
    13 May 2015 -   Microsoft-owned Skype on Tuesday cleared the way for anyone to use a new feature that translates video chats or instant messages in real time. People no longer need to sign-up to use a preview version of Skype Translator,which handles spoken English,Spanish,Italian and Mandarin. The number of languages translated jumps to 50 for written instant messages,with missives written in one language...
  • Mpasho: This Is So Sad! Three Arrested For Gang Raping And Killing An 18-Month-Old Baby
    13 May 2015 - Police officers in Buuri Constituency of Meru County have arrested three men who are alleged to have repeatedly defiled a one and half-year-old child leading to her death.   Detectives investigating the matter said further investigations are underway and the suspects will be arraigned in court after the medics are through with the DNA test to have water tight evidence to nail the culprits...
  • Ghafla: 13th May 2015:Ten Things You Should Know This Morning
    13 May 2015 - The week has arrived to its midpoint,the wet weather also seems to be sticking around wrecking havoc in the city. Well,today being Ladies' night marks the onset of partying,expect revelers to throng entertainment hotspots across Nairobi! Enough said,check out the hottest stories we have for you…
  • Mpasho: Hilarious Images You Must Check Out Today
    13 May 2015 - Your daily dose of awesomeness is delivered! [gallery type="slideshow" td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="58755,58756,58757,58758,58759,58761,58762,58763,58764,58765"]
  • Mpasho: Viral Video: This Is The Video That Has Every Kenyan Laughing!
    13 May 2015 - Some people have perverted minds,they cannot think straight,everything must be sex related to them. Like this woman below; https://instagram.com/p/2SV-FmnKbX/?taken-by=memetangclan
  • Mpasho: 13th May 2015: These Are The 7 Hottest Stories Everyone Is Talking About
    13 May 2015 - Top of the morning beautiful people. It is yet another glorious morning to be alive even with all the flooding taking place after the rains. Which makes me wonder; are Nairobi are taking advantage if the Mike Sonko rescue team or do they also need abit of rescuing themselves? But away from musings and all that and let us get into the 7 stories everyone is talking about: #1. Mr. Moneybags!...
  • Standard: Scrap Women's Seats, Says Imenti North MP
    13 May 2015 - The Woman Representative seat and Senate should be scrapped,to reduce an increasing wage bill,an MP has said.