• Ghafla: Sensational Songbird Brags About Her Money In The Bank. Here Is What She Said
    15 May 2015 - Celebrity status come with some cash,cash that drives the owners a little bit crazy and weird and force others do all things that sometimes lead them astray and into trouble.
  • Niaje: Meet Sosuun, Kenrazy’s Girlfriend And Mother Of His Daughter (Photos)
    15 May 2015 - Kenrazy who loves referring to himself as the best lyricist is a Kenyan ghipuka musician. His real name is Kenneth Aketch Oluoch Barnabas. He ventured into the music industry with his debut single “Ti Chi” whichwas a massive hit in 2008. He has gone ahead to do big tracks including collabos with some of the best artists. ‘Fimbo Ya Tatu -Dawa Ya Moto’ is the biggest collabo he has done yet. Sosuun...
  • Buzz: B.b. King, King Of The Blues, Dies At 89
    15 May 2015 - B.B. King,with his ever-present guitar Lucille,rose from sharecropper poverty in deep Mississippi to become the face of the American blues worldwide and an inspiration for generations of rock guitarists everywhere.
  • Niaje: Niaje 5: Bands To Explode In The Very Near Future
    15 May 2015 - If Sauti Sol is our benchmark for what a successful band is then Kenyan bands are on the right track to stardom. Elani have been on the down low but they did it right last year. On their heels we have a number of bands who are out for nothing but the but the top most position. These bands have demonstrated their abilities and with the right amount of consistency they just might nail it. KIU...
  • Niaje: Meet Anita Nderu’s Bakeress Side (Photos)
    15 May 2015 - Anita Nderu was first introduced to the Kenyan viewership community when she graced the teen programme,dubbed Teen Republik on NTV. Anita has since then been the Kenyan sweet-heart who has a huge following and icon-ship status as she is looked up to by various teenagers across the country. The lass has since moved to Capital Fm where she is a presenter and has managed to grow more in her career...
  • Ghafla: Has Eric Omondi Finally Landed Himself A Foreign Lass? (Photo)
    15 May 2015 - Eric Omondi let the cat out of the bag to Ghafla Kenya a few months ago when he revealed to our reporter that he is not dating anyone at the moment.
  • Niaje: Full Text: This Is Ess Reveals Why Her University Days Were A Struggle
    15 May 2015 - We all can relate to the hard time that we go through while studying. Its only the dream of making it in the end that drives us. Sharon Mundia,popularly known as This Is Ess,is one of the appreciated fashion bloggers in Kenya at the moment. The lass made headlines recently when she got a proposal every girl wishes for. She has now gone ahead to talk about her university days where she reveals...
  • Mpasho: Movie Watch: 10 Box Office Movies You Should Definitely Check Out This Weekend
    15 May 2015 - 1. Avengers: Age of Ultron – When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron,things go horribly wrong and it’s up to earth’s mightiest heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans. [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAUoeqvedMo] 2. Hot Pursuit - An uptight and by-the-book cop tries to protect the outgoing widow of a...
  • Standard: Asian Arena: I Have Never Taken A Selfie In My Life!-Filmmaker Feisal Malik
    15 May 2015 - Feisal Malik is a Kenyan filmmaker extraordinaire.He is the man behind most Hollywood productions in the country
  • Ghafla: This Is The Daring Thing Boniface Mwangi Did In Ghana That Raised Eyebrows
    15 May 2015 - Right Activist,Boniface Mwangi,knows no boundary neither does he fear no one. Boniface flew to Ghana and he did what his hosts didn’t thought he was capable of doing,not on their soil.
  • Niaje: Carol Radull Opens Up About Losing Her Late Brothers And Father To Cancer (Photo)
    15 May 2015 - Cancer affects all of us,whether you’re a daughter,mother,sister,friend,coworker,doctor,or patient. It comes with scares that are tattooed to remind one of the battle they won. No matter how tough it may be,we need to understand that Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts. Carol Radull’s campaign against cancer is a clear indication with he right amount of...
  • Niaje: Obama Allegedly Lied About The Killing Of The Most Wanted Man In The World
    15 May 2015 - Now that Obama is days away from his visit to Kenya,preparations are already underway to ensure all goes as planned. Obama is the 44th president of the world super power country,The United States of America. He received quite an appraisal from all corners of the world when he managed to capture and kill wanted terrorist,Osama Bin Laden. This appraisal seems to be short lived since loopholes...
  • Niaje: Eric Omondi Set To Jet Out To Texas For Memorial Weekend
    15 May 2015 - Comedy is an industry in Kenya that is to be watched out for. This is mainly because each and everyday it keeps on mushrooming into a bigger industry . Back in the day being a comedian as a career wasn’t taken seriously,it was all a joke on itself. It is satisfying to know that Kenya keeps on growing out of this mentality each day. Eric Omondi is one of the comedians who are making it big...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Our2cents Ep. 32: Rebounds – How Soon Is Too Soon
    15 May 2015 - In this week’s episode of Our2Cents,Sharon Mundia and Susan Wong attempt to understand why some men find it so easy to move onto another relationship hours after their last one. Got any two cents to add to this conversation? Leave a comment or question and they just might address it in the second part of this conversation. Don’t forget to share!  
  • Ghafla: Saturday's Plan For You; Meet & Party With Tanzania Heartthrob Vanessa Mdee
    15 May 2015 - Kesho Skylux will be on fire! Not literally of course. It's not labelled 'Nairobi's Nightlife Therapy' for nothing,Skylux lights up Westy every Friday and Saturday,they hold really dope party nights. It proudly boasts of hosting the liveliest of entertainment. Week after week. Past weeks alone,the exquisite club has…
  • Ghafla: Etemesi's Tales | The Night I Slept With 'Njoki Chege'
    15 May 2015 - I have made a couple of important friends of late and one of them happens to be this guy from Nation Media. I’ll call him Mike because he’s a cool perverted coward who’d rather stay anonymous. (pun intended.)
  • Ghafla: The Real Secrets Behind Sauti Sol’s Successful Career Revealed
    15 May 2015 -   Let me be blunt,the Kenyan music scene is a very stale and boring affair. With the exception of guys like Sauti Sol,Octopizzo and Khaligraph Jones,the rest are just shooting blanks if you ask me. You can crucify me,spear me and even brand me a fraud…
  • Ghafla: Fbf: Fake Or Not? Vera Sidika Shakes Her Booty
    15 May 2015 - Vera Sidika is one of the most exciting lasses around. And with good reason. She is exactly what the doctor prescribed for the Kenyan entertainment scene; someone who is not afraid of being the talk of the time. She had her breasts augmented and that caused a stir in Kenya's…
  • Ghafla: Jana Chronicles: Random Night Of Debauchery With My Neighbour...and Who's Married
    15 May 2015 - I have no problem sleeping with a married man but only with one condition,okay maybe two. Don’t get clingy and always make your wife the first priority.
  • Ghafla: Why We May No Longer Miss Former KTN News Anchor Beatrice Marshall
    15 May 2015 - She was one of the faces that underlined the face of the Kenya Television Network (KTN). She gave the Standard Group-owned TV station a dimension that was unmatched,an edge over the rest of the TV stations in the country and a profile that everyone admired.
  • Mpasho: It Can Only Get Better! “amarulah” Singer Roberto Is Coming To Kenya!
    15 May 2015 - It is arguably the biggest song in Africa currently and the singer is coming to Nairobi. Zambia's Multi Award winning R&B Artist,Producer and On-Air Radio Presenter Roberto has been in the industry a couple of years,but his hit "AMA-RULAH" has helped him gain popularity across Africa. Watch the video below; [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItJMq_5lcq0] The singer might be joining...
  • Mpasho: Huduma Centre Wins Top UN Award For Improving Service Delivery
    15 May 2015 - Let's be honest,Huduma Centre has revolutionized service delivery in the public sector. Ask anyone who has ever had to renew their I.D cards and they will bear witness to the fact.As such,Huduma Kenya has just won the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in Public Service – the United Nations Public Service Award (UNPSA). Huduma Kenya was declared this year’s winner of the...
  • Niaje: University Promise To Roommate Costs Gopro Billionaire CEO Kshs 21.9 Billion
    15 May 2015 - GoPro’s top executive Nick Woodman,the highest paid CEO in the U.S.,is generating headlines for keeping his word — even if it costs him millions of dollars. Woodman,who steers camera maker GoPro,saw his fortune drop by $229 million this week after he returned 4.7 million shares to the company,according to a Bloomberg report. He was handing back the shares as part of an agreement he struck...
  • Standard: '‘elephant Girl', Paula Kahumba, Trumpets Out Of '‘loveless' Marriage
    15 May 2015 - There is no love at home for Dr Paula Kahumbu,whose fairy tale adventure as a conservationist has seen her lock horns with government officials over her anti-poaching activities.
  • Vibe Weekly: Cardiac Arrest Wangechi's First Song After The Accident
    15 May 2015 - After getting involved in an accident that incapacitated her for weeks,Kenyan rapper Wangechi is back ,up and running again. The rapper has had a steady recovery and worked to keep her fans on the loop all through the process.
  • Niaje: Xtatic’s Moving Tribute To Late Mum As They Lay Her To Rest Today
    15 May 2015 - I know saying goodbye to someone you love is the hardest thing in this world. There is so much one wishes they could say before biding them goodbye but with happy memories still in mind,one learns to accept it with time. Xtatic and her family will today lay down their mum to rest. Fans and friends have been sending in their messages of condolences and the artiste has found solace in them....
  • Standard: MP Forgives Husband After He Promises To Up His Game
    15 May 2015 - '“My husband is back home. Let's not blow this out of proportion as these are by far family matters. However,it is true that he promised to up his game as a husband,'” she said.
  • Capital Lifestyle: Six Must Visit Breath Taking Falls In East Africa
    15 May 2015 - Beside world renowned beaches,culture and wildlife,East Africa also has one unique feature that should be accorded more buzz on travelogues and tourist journals; it’s the tens of stunning waterfalls that mark territorial borders,breeding grounds for rare and unique species,haven to endangered strains and much more. Perhaps we are yet to march Venezuela’s Angel Falls,or South Africa’s earth-...
  • Mpasho: Famous Radio Presenter Carol Radull Celebrates Her Family In A Deep Message
    15 May 2015 - She's one of the most tenacious,innovative,interesting and most listened to radio personalities in East Africa. The football fraternity adores her. But did you know that Carol has gone through a lot in her life to reach where she is today? The inspiring presenter of Classic 105's Kick-Off and Kiss 100's The Score took to social media on Friday to appreciate her family and especially her mum in...