• Ghafla: After Leaving Wedding Show, Sarah Hassan Joins A New Show
    12 May 2015 - After about 2 years at Kenya’s premier wedding show ‘The Wedding Show’,Sarah Hassan left the Citizen TV Show. This is because the station did not renew her contract.
  • Ghafla: Bum! Robert Alai Exposes His Biggest Enemy David Matsanga! (Evidence)
    12 May 2015 - Robert Alai and David Matsanga,even though they don't really see eye to eye are really peas in the same pod. They're equally controversial,silly,brash,arrogant,noisy and foolishly fearless.
  • Ghafla: The Nazizi Effect? Citizen TV's Kirigo Ngarua Hits The Gym
    12 May 2015 - Nazizi shocked many this year,when she debuted her new toned body,a far cry from the plus sized Nazizi we all knew.
  • Kenyan Post: Photo!! Introducing Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru’s Beautiful Mum
    12 May 2015 - On Sunday,Citizen TV’s Julie Gichuru took time to celebrate her mother in a special way. Here is what she said about her;#VeryBlessed My littlest honey bunny and my Mummy. The greatest gift is to see your legacy grow and to receive love across the generations. Happy Mothers Day Mama!  The Kenyan DAILY POST
  • Kenyan Post: A Good Man Deserves A Good Woman! Chantele Pays Tribute To Her Husband
    12 May 2015 - Tuesday,May 12,2015 - One hit wonder,Chantelle,of the Toklezea fame seems to have woken up in a good mood and decided to pay tribute to her husband,J Blessings. Here is what she posted;“Loving me is not easy but this guy loves me with all my flawsn edges … I appreciate you everyday,a good man deserves a good woman n I’m that woman ,McE,#i woke up feeling mushy mushy”.  The...
  • Kenyan Post: Photos!! Here Are Rabbit’s Baby Mamas .... He Finally Acknowledged Sage
    12 May 2015 - Monday,May 12,2015 - After over a year,Rabbit finally admitted that he sired a beautiful baby girl with Sage but chose to marry another woman.Here is his tribute to both his baby mamas;Today,I give credit where it's due and appreciate . Sio sababu Ni mothers day but massive shout out to Barbara and Nana for raising my daughters Ayanna and Gweth. I know it's been a tough road,but you ladies...
  • Mpasho: In Photos: How The Canon Photography Awards Went Down
    12 May 2015 - The prestigious awards saw the best photographers in Kenya stroll the red carpet to showcase their work and witness as outstanding talent was awarded. Among those in attendance included Radio Africa's Caroline Mutoko and Larry Asego. The latter was among this year's nominees for his amazing nature photography skills. The event at the KICC was organized by the Photographer's Association Of Kenya...
  • Mpasho: Here Are The Most Stylish Kids Of Kenyan Instagram (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - Having famous parents has its perks; a flashy lifestyle,attention from the public.With the help of their rich or famous parents,these kids now enjoy displaying their personal lives on social media and specifically on Instagram. From babies in beanies to toddlers in tiny boots,these kids appear to be taking over the fashion industry just like the real rich kids of Instagram. We took time to go...
  • Mpasho: Hot Or Not? Check Out Photos Of The Governor’s Daughter Who Loves Smoking Shisha
    12 May 2015 - The Nakuru County Governor's daughter Mutanu is among the few fast rising celebrities lucky to have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths. She is always enjoying life and this can be evident from her social media accounts where she posts photos of her flashy lifestyle. Meet The Rich Kids Of Kenyan Instagram: Nakuru Governor’s Daughter Who Smokes Shisha Like A Chimney (PHOTOS) The young...
  • Mpasho: Famous College Dropout Kanye West Earns A University Degree At Last!
    12 May 2015 - "Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else?"  That is what Kanye West said in an Aug 2005 interview with The Guardian. This week the controversial artiste was awarded an honorary degree by the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This beats logic especially since he is a controversial figure who also happened to have dropped out of college. How did he manage to do this? The...
  • Ghafla: Skyworld Presents 'Bomba Club Show'. Find Out More
    12 May 2015 - As general thinking,partying experience is only lived and re-lived in Westy weekend after weekend,but you will be shocked to find that's not the case,CBD has a new spot that has party animals waggling their tongues.
  • Ghafla: 5 Celebrities That Grew Up In Dirty Poor Slums But Are Now Rich And Famous
    12 May 2015 -   Sometimes watching these celebrities live their lives can make us forget their once humble beginnings from whence they came. Some of them even try as hard as they can to forget this because their new found pride in success cannot allow them to admit that they were once at…
  • Ghafla: 'Lokole' New Hit Single From Jimmy Gait
    12 May 2015 - When Jimmy Gait released 'Mzuka Huu',it became an instant hit that got massive airplay across both mainstream media,the internet and YouTube. He then released 'Neno Moja' which also became a hit. Now he is back again with another single,titled 'Lokole'. The brand new single is meant to…
  • Ghafla: Lanes! Corazon Kwamboka Flaunts Her Kes 1.1 Million Gold Watch (Photo)
    12 May 2015 - Kenya’s most learned socialite,Corazon Kwamboka,has decided to wobble on people’s tongues again! This time it’s her exorbitant wrist watch that has earned her a spot on limelight.
  • Ghafla: This Is The Woman In The Life Of Milele FM's Dr. Ofweneke
    12 May 2015 - Milele FM is lucky to have one of the finest voices on its airwaves. The voice of comedian Dr. Ofweneke has always ruled the airwaves and his comedy behind the scenes is arguably one of the finest.
  • Kenyan Post: Finally!! Meet Jua Cali’s Mum, Baby Mama And Son
    12 May 2015 - Tuesday,May 12,2015 - For the first time,Jua Cali introduced his baby mama,son and mum as he marked Mother’s Day on Sunday.See them below; The Kenyan DAILY POST
  • Kenyan Post: Photo!! Meet The Woman Who Brought Huddah Monroe To Earth To Torment Men
    12 May 2015 - “This Ghetto was the place damn And My moms arms have always been the warmest. I don’t give a f*** about a lot of things and people . But when my mom Talks I listen Cuz she is my god on earth ,my best friend ,my second skin ,she knows what pain is ,she is the one that carried me for 9 months ,labored ,gave birth to me and raised me .Not people on IG Lol!…,…,.,…….. So,To my beloved mother ,...
  • Kenyan Post: He Can’t Wait To Be A Daddy .... NTV’s DJ Mo Teases Size 8
    12 May 2015 - Tuesday,May 12,2015 - On Sunday,NTV’s DJ Mo teased his wife,Size 8,on social media by telling her that one day he will be writing a happy mother’s day message for her. The couple is already expecting a baby and Size 8 will be delivering their first baby in a few months time.Here is what DJ Mo said;One day ….I will write “happy mothers day” to you …..**hides Patience pays …[email protected]
  • Standard: Nainotepad: How Religion Surpasses All Culture
    12 May 2015 - I looked for more precision on this black pastor who leads this Korean church. Was he African? Was he African American? '“Yes,he is American like you,'” while rubbing my hand for emphasis.
  • Mpasho: Nairobi Senator Sonko Claims He Can Fly A Plane, Kenyans On Twitter Attack Him!
    12 May 2015 - Sonko is known to make many an exaggerated claim from time to time but it's all in the name of good fun right? Well,perhaps the Kenyans who call Twitter their stomping ground do not approve. The Nairobi Senator was on a flight a while back (earlier today?) and he got invited into the cockpit to chill with the pilots. And he obliged. Actually he looked as giddy as a child who has just been told...
  • Mpasho: Benitez Hit With Ban Over Offensive Remark
    12 May 2015 - Napoli coach Rafael Benitez has been handed a one-game touchline ban for making an offensive remark about the nature of Italian football.Benitez's contract at the Serie A giants expires at the end of the season and the sanction -- which will see him sit out next Monday's home game with Cesena -- will only fuel speculation that he will not renew his deal.A statement by Serie A officials on Tuesday...
  • Mpasho: Toure Hails Anti-Racism Monitoring System
    12 May 2015 - Manchester City midfielder Yaya Toure on Tuesday welcomed the creation of a new anti-discrimination monitoring system for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers by world governing body FIFA.FIFA will send observers trained by the European anti-discrimination organisation FARE to qualifying matches where there is felt to be a high risk of racist behaviour from fans.The monitors will report any incidents of...
  • Mpasho: Arsenal Legend Wright Urges Walcott To Weather ‘rough’ Patch
    12 May 2015 - Arsenal legend Ian Wright urged England international Theo Walcott not to quit the club on Tuesday despite a "rough" patch and speculation over his future.Wright,speaking ahead of the Barclays Asia Trophy in Singapore,said Walcott,26,needed to work hard and regain his place after a season plagued by injury.The former teenage star,whose contract expires next year,is feeling his way back to...
  • Niaje: Tusker Woos Sofapaka’s Asike With Kshs 60, 000 A Month Salary
    12 May 2015 - Former Sofapaka defender Eugine Asike could be headed for Tusker during the June transfer window,Goal can reveal. The player has been offered a Sh200,000 sign on fee and a Sh60,000 per month salary by the brewers. Sources close to the Ruaraka-based club have revealed that the player is still considering the offer and has not made up his mind to join Tusker. “This is what we have offered...
  • Niaje: When Betty Kyallo Dressed Her Daughter Like A CEO (Photo)
    12 May 2015 - Late last year Celebrity couple Denis Okari and his beau KTN news anchor Betty Kyallo welcomed bundle of joy,a daughter whom they named Ivana. The adorable baby Ivana who recently clocked 10 months is growing up so fast really takes after her mum,from the beauty to the pretty smile. After seeing her pictures you’ll agree that this apple didn’t fall far from its tree either. Seemingly Betty can’...
  • Niaje: Is El-Nino Back As Nairobi Roads Flood Due To Heavy Rains?
    12 May 2015 - The rains usually pour down in form of a blessing to farmers and the dry lands. When it pours the excitement can make one go outside and dance. But the rains pouring down in East Africa have brought misfortune to many. Most motorists were swimming in the comfort of their cars yesterday as fares were hiked for matatu users due to the crazy rains. It’s been a while since we saw this,but I...