• Mpasho: Arsenal Boss Wenger Irked By Swansea ‘accident’
    12 May 2015 - Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger brushed off his side's 1-0 loss to Swansea City as "an accident" and challenged his players to atone when they visit Manchester United on Sunday.Arsenal dominated Monday's game at the Emirates Stadium,but having been kept at bay by their former goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski,they capitulated in the 85th minute when David Ospina was unable to keep out a header from...
  • Mpasho: Real Madrid Season On Line Against Pogba-Boosted Juventus
    12 May 2015 - Defensive lapses have cost Madrid in recent weeks as they have Photo Credits : AFP
  • Niaje: DJ Mo Reveals His Anticipation To Become A Father
    12 May 2015 - Words can not express the joy of new life. Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. The mix master,dee jay Mo and wife,Linet Muraya famously known as Size 8 caused a huge frenzy on social media,when they announced that they would soon have an additional remember in their family. Mother’s day was...
  • Ghafla: Tragedy: 10 People Killed In South B As Wall Collapses.
    12 May 2015 - Seven People were last night killed after the wall of a mosques collapsed on shanties at Mukuru slums  following a heavy down pour last evening. Scores others were rushed to Kenyatta Hospital with injuries. 
  • Ghafla: No More Of Njoki Chege’s Ranting, This One Has Literally Killed Her Career
    12 May 2015 - Njoki Chege,famously known as City Girl,is one of the few ladies who have embraced the convention of taking on men head on,hitting them where they least expect and attacking their strongest areas fearlessly.
  • Standard: Nainotepad: Behind Every Video Game Lover Is A Sexually Frustrated Woman
    12 May 2015 - It does not matter how good he claims he is at balancing his job (if by some miracle he has one),his personal life,and his PS3 addiction. He is not marriage material.
  • Standard: Nainotepad: How To Get Yourself Out Of 'The Friend Zone'
    12 May 2015 - If you are always at her beck and call,you will find yourself deeply entrenched in the friend zone. Don't invest your time and emotions on a girl who is not attracted to you.
  • Capital Lifestyle: New York Picasso Sale Sets Sh17 Billion Auction Record
    12 May 2015 - A Picasso masterpiece fetched more than Sh17 billion ($179 million) in New York on Monday,smashing the world record for the most expensive art sold at auction in what was dubbed the “sale of the century.” The oil painting,“The Women of Algiers (Version 0),” sold for $179,365,000 after more than 11 minutes of furious bidding from telephone buyers at a packed auction room at Christie’s. Applause...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Black Miss Japan Fights For Race Revolution
    12 May 2015 - Ariana Miyamoto entered the Miss Universe Japan beauty contest after a mixed-race friend committed suicide. And she endured abuse after winning the crown because of her skin colour. Far from being put off by the backlash,Miyamoto resolved to use her new-found fame to help fight racial prejudice — in much the same way British supermodel Naomi Campbell broke down cultural barriers in the...
  • Niaje: Gospel Rapper Eko Dydda’s Handsome Son All Grown Up (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - Straight from the ghetto just like the other gospel artistes,Eko Dydda’s name has flourished into fame and fortune due his musical talent. His name has became a brand of it’s own and there is no stopping the face and voice of the ghetto youth leader. Having grown up in Mathare,the artiste has learned a lot and his experiences have made him became a better man. Away from music and...
  • Niaje: Emmy Kosgei’s Nigerian Husband Welcomes A New Born Baby (Photo)
    12 May 2015 - A new baby is like the beginning of all things wonder,hope,a dream of possibilities. Babies are like little suns that,in a magical way,bring warmth,happiness and light into our lives. The Taunet Nelel hit maker made headlines when she decided to tie the knot with Nigerian Evangelist,Anslem Madubuko. The age difference between the two surely raised eyebrows due to the huge gap but...
  • Mpasho: Mr. Moneybags! Juliani Minting Cash After Landing Lucrative Deal
    12 May 2015 - At long last! Utawala hitmaker Juliani has something to smile about. He recently landed a mega deal with one of the powerful private sector regulatory boards in the country.  Juliani was appointed as the vice chair of  Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA),Sports,Arts and Culture sector. The excited singer could not hide his joy but took it to social media to thank KEPSA for giving him a job...
  • Niaje: 10 Stunning Wedding Gowns This Is Ess Would Look Stunning In (Photos)
    12 May 2015 - Now that the engagement has been sealed by a mind-blowing proposal,the sound of wedding bells are ringing so loud for the Kenyan fashion blogger,Sharon Mundia,famously known as ‘This Is Ess’. First step engagement,then comes the wedding preparation that involves wedding gown hunting. Every bride wants to look exceptionally stunning as they walk down the aisle. I went ahead to...
  • Ghafla: Spectacular First Time Photos Of KTN’s Dennis Onsarigo And His Family
    12 May 2015 - Even though Dennis Onsarigo is sufficiently well-known in the country,he has kept his family under wraps,until now.
  • Capital Lifestyle: Jennifer Lawrence Ending The Hollywood Gender Pay Gap
    12 May 2015 - Jennifer Lawrence is set to end Hollywood’s gender pay gap,by banking twice what her co-star Chris Pratt will earn from ‘Passengers’. The 24-year-old actress has signed a “watertight” $20 million deal for her role in the upcoming film,putting her in an exclusive group of Hollywood high earners,alongside the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio,Bradley Cooper and Robert...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Kim Kardashian Launches New Fashion Line In Brazil
    12 May 2015 - Famously curvy reality show star Kim Kardashian launched a new line of clothing in Brazil on Monday,saying she hoped to win over women in a land where voluptuousness is often celebrated. Kardashian said at an event in Sao Paulo that her “simple and sexy” range of clothing aimed to reflect her own tastes and comprised clothes she would wear herself. “I wanted to show the...
  • Capital Lifestyle: Top 20 Most Watched Videos On Youtube
    12 May 2015 - Can you remember a time when YouTube did not exist? No? Neither do I. Despite the fact that YouTube was only created in 2005,it’s become one of the largest content sharing platforms in the world. Avid readers would remember the article we wrote on Psy’s Gangnam Style video which broke YouTube’s counter. Unbelievably,Gangnam Style had reached the maximum number of views that YouTube’s counter...
  • Standard: Cra Chairman And Constitutional Lawyer On Gender Rule For Seats
    12 May 2015 - The chairman of Commission on Revenue Allocation and a constitutional lawyer have proposed that the National Assembly nominates 76 women to meet the gender rule and later on reduce the number of constituencies to 150.
  • Standard: Divisions As Leaders Jostle For JAP Positions
    12 May 2015 - The emergence of the Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) as President Uhuru Kenyatta's vehicle for the 2017 polls has opened fresh wrangles in the Mt Kenya region.
  • Standard: Ruto Says Uhuru, Dp Broke 'Deal' On Bomet Visit
    12 May 2015 - Hopes of an early truce between Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto and Deputy President William Ruto may be premature,after the county chief accused the presidency of breaking a prior unwritten agreement to steer clear of politics at a church fundraiser they attended on Sunday.
  • Standard: Raila's Name Dragged Into Controversial Sh28B Project
    12 May 2015 - Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) leader Raila Odinga's name was dragged into the controversy over a Sh28 billion project to upgrade the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital (MTRH).
  • Standard: Kenya: National Assembly Speaker Muturi Told To Apologise
    12 May 2015 - Women leaders from Kisumu County have demanded that National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi apologises for 'undermining' them when he suggested that some positions be scrapped.
  • Standard: Calls To Put Third Gender Rule In Referendum Bill
    12 May 2015 - Deputy Governor Adelina Mwau has appealed to proponents of the Okoa Kenya drive to include the one-third gender rule in the referendum bill.
  • Standard: South Rift Leaders Welcome Calls For Unity, But Fault Insults At 'Rebels'
    12 May 2015 - President Uhuru Kenyatta's visit to Bomet County,during which he drummed up support for his deputy William Ruto and lashed out at rebel United Republican Party (URP) leaders,has elicited mixed reactions
  • Mpasho: Viral Video: This Is The Video That Has Every Kenyan Laughing!
    12 May 2015 - I have been seeing this video go viral as it has been shared on all the social media outlets,from Vimeo to Instagram to Facebook and even Twitter and it has everyone laughing. When your pastor is a former crackhead/ "n***a" this is the type of sermon you can look forward to: https://instagram.com/p/2I0uPPmCvR/?taken-by=fur_aha
  • Mpasho: Hilarious Images You Must Check Out Today
    12 May 2015 - Your daily dose of awesomeness is delivered! [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="58331,58337,58339,58338,58332,58333,58334,58335,58336"]
  • Mpasho: 12th May 2015: These Are The 7 Hottest Stories Everyone Is Talking About
    12 May 2015 - Top of the morning good people. Today,the 12th day of the fifth month all one can do from my end is hope the long weekend did not leave you in a state of financial ruin. But if indeed you do have more month at the end of your money,it sucks to be you! But I have some stories that will help all be it marginally. And they are: #1. Bleurgh! Zari Sits Badly,Exposing Her Thunder Thighs And The...
  • Mpasho: Emmy Kosgei Has Given Birth To A Beautiful Bouncing Baby Girl
    12 May 2015 - May seems to be an anointed month for everyone to have children. So far 5 celebrities have welcomed babies -that is,if you count Emmy Kosgei in that math. [gallery td_select_gallery_slide="slide" ids="44406,6074"] The beautiful gospel songstress who is married to a Nigerian man was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and her husband was on scene with a cameraphone that came in rather handy in...
  • Ghafla: 12th May 2015:Ten Things You Should Know This Morning
    12 May 2015 - A beautiful Tuesday morning in Nairobi City,the night witnessed heavy downpour and as a result the roads are messy! Good news,gospel songbird,Emmy Kosgey,gave birth to a bouncing baby girl. Team Ghafla! congratulates her for the blessing. Crossing over to trendy items,below are the top ten…
  • Ghafla: Emmy Kosgey Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl! (Photo)
    11 May 2015 - Alot has been said by the obviously idle nayslayers. Some spoke damnation while secretly wishing they were Emmy Kosgey. Other praised her in the open but vilified her behind closed doors. Emmy,If I may jog your a memory a little,got married to her septuagenarian hubby  2 years ago and  While…