10 Best Ferris Wheels in The World

Here is a quick history about the world famous “pleasure wheels” also known as the ferris wheels.

During the late 1890s, a group of revolutionaries reportedly from Illinois embarked on a mission to outdo the then newly constructed and dashingly stunning Eiffel tower in France.

Under pressure to beat the seeming omnipotent Eiffel and in an attempt to avoid humiliation, the team, led by Daniel Burnham, an eminent architect, sought for something “novel, original, daring and unique.”

Thanks to a brilliant dashing George Washington Gale Ferris Jr, 33, who was struck by the idea to create the wheel taller than the Statue of Liberty, put specifications together and came up with circular slender rods that would carry people to a certain height.

Today, the ubiquitous ferris wheel has found its way into Africa with Kenya leading the way by bringing to life the continent’s tallest yet.

Gone are the days to sulk on your sitting room couch with a remote in hand while the fun, scary and romance of the ferris wheel passes you by.

Below is a collection of the world’s 10 best Ferris Wheels worldwide.

1. Singapore Flyer

After opening to the public in 2008, the ferris wheel in Singapore, which is the second tallest worldwide, has opened the residents’ eyes beyond the city and into the neighbouring Malaysia.
Standing at 165 meters, the visitors can comfortably see 45 kilometers away for 30 minutes.

2. Las Vegas

Las vegas is a city of many firsts with a vibrant lifestyle and nothing reinforces that fact as best as being the home to the tallest Ferris wheel.

The wheel stands at a height of 167 meters with a 30 minute ride for every trip.

3. The Eye of Kenya at Two Rivers Mall, Kenya

Standing at 60 meters high with 40 capsules of a six-passenger capacity each, the ferris was dubbed “the Eye of Kenya” and clinching the tallest wheel in Africa title.

With only Kshs 500, Kenyans can now spend 17 extraordinary minutes of their life on on the wheel that provides exquisite and never seen before view of the very glamorous Nairobi skyline.

4. Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, Chicago

Walking in the sky high shoes of the entire circus creator George Washington Gale Ferris is the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, which has a capacity of 40 passengers. It offers a panoramic view of the famous Lake Michigan waters for all its visitors.

5. Riesenrad, Vienna

Since its construction in 1897, the Riesenrad wheel is the oldest Ferris wheel ever created that is still in operation today.

The amusement park offers a unique old-fashioned style cabins that are in tandem with the changing flair of Vienna’s elegance.

6. Niagara SkyWheel, Canada

Looking at the Niagara Skywheel based at the heart of Clifton Hill in Canada, the pleasure wheel is arguably the tallest in the area.

Visitors are also exposed to a very special view of the Niagara Falls.

7. Pacific Park Wheel, Santa Monica

Having fun with an environmental course is the only way to define the Pacific Park wheel that is the world’s first of its kind to run on solar power.

8. Tianjin Eye, China

When it comes to the world of revolutions, no nations can quite rival China.

Tianjin eye, found in Tianjin, is the first and only ferris wheel that is built over a bridge.

9. London Eye

With the fact that the wheel is the tallest in Europe, the London Eye offers visitors a unique view into the royals at the Buckingham Palace.

And not only that as guests can also view the exotic St. Paul Cathedral, House of Parliament and Big Ben.

10. Cosmo Clock 21, Japan

Japan is the home of innovations and visitors can see all of that by simply spending 15 minutes on the Yokohama-based Ferris wheel.

At one time, the wheel was considered the world’s tallest before vultures came and took over the mantle. Kenya included.