5 Popular Myths Associated With Flying

Flying for the first time is always an anxious experience especially considering some of the myths that people associate with traveling on airplanes.

KenyaMOJA.com, has compiled a list of myths associated with flying.

1. You Can easily get airborne diseases while flying

Many people always argue that because a lot of people are using the plane at the same time, it is easy for airborne diseases to spread.

This is not correct. According to pilot Patrick Smith, the air circulated in an aircraft cabin is probably cleaner than that in your regular office building.

He explains that fresh air is drawn from outside of the aircraft via the jet’s engines and passes through hospital-grade filters before entering the cabin, adding that the plane’s cabin air is refreshed about 20 times every hour. 

2. You Get drunk faster while flying

Unfortunately, this is also not true. According to research, drier air available in the plane and less oxygen at higher altitude makes users feel like they are getting drunk faster.

3. When using the toilet, your human waste is dumped while in the air.

Most people believe that airplanes always dispose human waste to the ground while the plane is on air. This is not true.

Every airplane always has a waste tank at the rear of the aircraft. On arrival at an airport, the waste tank is always emptied and the contents disposed at the airport.

This is done at every landing that a plane makes.

4. A plane's door can be opened during a flight

This idea is mostly spread in movies where actors open airplanes' doors and jump out.

Specialists, however, explain that a plane's door can only be opened if the pressure inside and outside of the plane is the same.

When flying, the pressure is not always the same making it impossible to open the door.

5. You can get stuck in a plane's toilet

I have been blessed to travel in a number of planes and never heard of a case where a person was stuck in the restroom.

The pressure only drains the human waste but does not affect the user of the toilet.

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