7 Major Changes Safaricom Announced During 19th Birthday

As part of its efforts to simplify its products, Safaricom unveiled a new data plan, as well as a new calling and SMS plan that would respectively offer data bundles and calling minutes with no expiry.

“Over the last 19 years, we have come a long way together with our customers. As we celebrate our anniversary, it is a unique opportunity to reevaluate our operations to ensure that we remain relevant to our customers into the future.

"Today, we are starting afresh and going forward we aim to be even more Simple, Transparent and Honest in everything that we do. For our customers, we are a Safaricom that is there, For You,” stated Michael Joseph, CEO, Safaricom.

He went on to highlight several key changes under their new plan which they made public on their 19th birthday, they were highlighted as: Firstly, all customers would now be served in under 5 minutes, thus reducing the need to get to the counter.

Additionally, the company assured all its customers that any calls to their customer care centre would now be picked within a 5-minute time frame, failure to which they would call back within the same time span.

The telecom giants announced that it would rebrand all its shops to create a simplistic look, going on to state that they were looking to open a few more shops that would serve their over Ksh33 million customers.

Under their new plan, Safaricom also announced that, henceforth, all their customers would be granted free access to Wi-Fi at all their retail shops and offices.

The other major move announced during the company's 19th birthday touched on the SIM card replacement procedure. 

"When you lose your SIM, you will simply replace it yourself using voice authentication," read an excerpt of their official statement.

The Safaricom CEO went on to announce that starting November 1, 2019, new customers joining the network will get SIM cards for free at any of their Safaricom shops and dealer outlets, upon which a customer will top up with Ksh 50 airtime to activate their line.

All new customers would now have the freedom to pick a number of their choice when they purchased a new line.

Lastly, the country's leading telecommunications company revealed that all their shops would now have agents armed with tablets to serve their customers on the floor, thereby eliminating the queuing system.

Besides the measures introduced on the day, the company revealed that more changes and enhancements to more of their products and services over the next few days and in the coming months.