9 Incredible EAGT Performances That Had Us on the Edge of Our Seats

With a ride in a matatu starting the show, it was an omen for a good way to start - that is - with an authentic Kenyan experience.

It was going to be a highly personalized affair, that I could tell, and in the end I was not wrong.

From Kenya, it was an energetic start to the show with Starlets, an all-girl crew from Nairobi, Kenya, who busted moves that many can only dream of.

Their energy capped the start of another great episode, a promise of more that would come.

Alisha Popat, a singer-songwriter from Kenya brought colour and voice, taking us high and low. The pianist accompanying her steered us through motions as we have never felt before. The hush in the audience was enough indication of the spell she had over everyone.

Sinaubi Zawose from Tanzania, playing the Zeze, traditional African musical instrument, and with a soulful voice to boot, the authentic African emotion came to the fore. It did not matter whether one can speak Swahili or not. His song on 'work' and his singing prowess could incite even the hardest of hearts, a truly magical African experience.

From Kigali, Rwanda, Urban Dance crew, consisting of a 22-year-old teacher and his 10-year-old student took to the stage in matching outfits and well-choreographed moves that earned them four yeses.

A Congolese-Ugandan crew Holy Dance Crew gave a rousing Hip-hop performance complete with clouds of dust effects, showing that the show is truly about variety.

Immediately after the crew was a Ugandan solo dancer combining contemporary drum beats and contemporary dance. He came to the stage with a unique brand that included a huge black and gold mask and capped his identity through his tagline, 'welcome to my imagination'.

IDT crew from Uganda also took to the stage and performed a dance that earned them an X from Jeff before the performance was even over. It was his turn to change his mind on his earlier decision, turning his 'no' to a 'yes'.

J Luc from Kigali Rwanda tried his hand at opera, singing Ave Maria, but he fell short of the judges' expectations. The judges, however, did not fail to recognize the voice deep inside that he is yet to tap.

A Kung-fu performance from Cloudience of Kigali Rwanda brought to the show the diversity that East Africa is all about. His twists and tumbles resonated with the story of his life.

Elisha the Gift from Rwanda then came to the stage with Iramweza, an original song that the judges fell in love with. With a great voice and perfect fashion sense, he was truly the 'superman of music' that Kansiime referred to him as.

The stellar night was capped by Yada Yada from Nairobi Kenya, with an emotional contemporary dance. The song, about the dark and the broken places - and hope, was painted on their dance performance. The emotions on their moves and on their faces, the struggle and the awe were all felt in the act.

The cascading river of emotions came at the end of the performance. So strong it was that Vanessa collapsed into a heap of feels and Gaetano confessed to being barely able to hold it in. The audience too was standing at the edge of a precipice.

Let me not talk about myself here.

The performance was one many could resonate with, and if you ask me, I wouldn't ask for more.

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