How to Reduce Your Fare by 50% This December

Travelling up country and on holiday is always a key habit among Kenyans during the festive season.

Most families endure the long matatu lines and pay the exorbitant fares just to catch up with their families and friends or enjoy the beaches and parks over Christmas.

Majority of those travelling, however, encounter one challenge - expensive transport cost - that always becomes a big nuisance and curtails many from travelling in the first place.  

This Christmas, things might be a little different courtesy of a new innovation by Africa’s leading airline - Kenya Airways.

It’s referred to as Flight Pass and their motto is purely hitched on flying more and paying less.The pass guarantees customers up to a 50% discount in flight costs.

And don’t be inclined to think this is one of those promotional things that’s only focussed on encouraging early bookings - flight pass also applies for last minute bookings inclusive of full benefits and discounts.

Convenience is the name of the game for flight pass as it can also be used to book flights for many people so that you and your family can all enjoy the benefits - all in one pass.

For users who have specific travel destinations, the pass also allows for customization to your favourite travel destinations and number of people you bring along.

This Christmas, you don’t need to struggle with long queues and expensive airfare - just get yourself a flight pass here and enjoy the cheapest, fast and most convenient way to travel.