How Safaricom Helps Control Usage of Your Data Bundles

Television network CNN recently featured the founder of Matwana Matatu Culture, Brian Wanyama, in a showcase of the vibrant intrigues that draw customers to the famous Nairobi buses, commonly known as nganyas.

Mr Wanyama, who administrates the Matwana Matatu Culture Facebook page as well as hosts the TV show, outlined that his main goal in the initiative is to preserve the unique culture for future generations.

"When you see the matatus and the art, you really understand Nairobi, because Nairobi is a city that is run by the youth," he observed.

Nganyas seem to have a personality of their own marked by street-like graffiti, absurd names and a designated crew who theatrically bring on the hype with every trip or as they call it, squad.

Almost certainly, one can anticipate spotting a matatu plying one of the city routes with a #SwiftSQUAD slogan splashed across its windscreen in the near future.

Despite their mesmerising qualities, one can still observe a majority of passengers on their phones, sitting in rush hour traffic, browsing through various social media apps.

Umoja Resident Martin Nderitu narrates an incident he had in one of these famed matatus one evening after work.

"I once sat next to a lovely young lady who didn't look up from the time she sat. She was just scrolling away on her phone...Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat," he narrated

Mr Nderitu recalls stealing glances at the lady's phone in an attempt to, in the least, spot a name or other detail that could help in striking up a conversation.

"Then I saw that dreaded pop-up that lets you know your bundles are done. I could see how much frustrated the lady was. How happy was I! So I jumped in before she put her phone back into her handbag.

Here came the moment he had been waiting for. "Haven't you heard about the new squad helping you take control of your data and never miss any moment because your bundles are over," he posed.

Safaricom has now stepped in to help you manage your bundles and avoid wasting them through unnecessary content on some of your applications.

You can now change the settings on your apps such as WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat which ensures you avoid auto download and auto play of unwanted photos and videos.

At the same time, you can control how you use credit by stopping your bundle from auto-renewing and using of the airtime when your data is over.

Take control of your data and enjoy cheaper and hustle free browsing!