How Safaricom Tunukiwa Daily Offers Give You Value and Affordability Based on Your Lifestyle

Every Kenyan spends too much money on something out there.

While one could argue that money is earned to be spent, some of the everyday luxuries that people blow their money on are an absolute waste, which leads to a culture where people are not able to save anymore.

A recent study showed that for every Sh100 that a Kenyan earns, Sh45 goes to basic needs meaning only Sh55 is left to be spent on other luxuries that add quality to life.

Here is a list of five biggest wastes of money.


In most cultures, Friday or Saturday nights are ideal for drinking and partying but in Kenya, it is a different story.

Kenyans work really hard which leaves them feeling they need something to help them blow off the steam every other night.

All through the three major cities in Kenya, nightlife is a big part of the people.

Locally brewed beer sells at approximately Sh200 a bottle which means a person who drinks two bottles every other night spends approximately Sh11,200 on alcohol in one month without considering all other expenses.


Going to work every day is costly whether you are using public or private transport. 

Kenyan matatus are known to hike fare prices during the rush hour. Car owners, on the other hand, have to deal with the ever-rising fuel prices and parking fees.

Using a taxi is not any better as we all know how outrageous cab prices could be.


Statistics show that at least five million Kenyans have taken up to betting which has raised concerns about the gambling addiction.

Most Kenyans gamble using huge amounts of money hoping they could land on huge jackpots, which does not happen so often.

An unfortunate case is that of a student from Kenyatta University who committed suicide after spending Sh80,000 meant for school fees on a bet that turned out to be disastrous.


Clothes and shoes are basic needs. However, millions of Kenyans have been brainwashed to believe that brand names equate to better quality.

Almost each Kenyan wants to keep up with the changing fashion but the problem comes when people spend exorbitant amounts of their hard-earned money to keep up with the ‘in-crowd.’

Internet bundles/airtime

A recent study showed that Kenyans spend almost half of their average income to load sufficient data bundles into their phones in order to keep up with current affairs and contact each other through social media platforms.

People who own businesses, especially on online platforms, use a lot of airtime to contact their clients.

Sh50 will not give you enough talk time or internet bundles to use in a day, which means you will have to spend more to satisfy your communication needs.

Luckily, Safaricom Tunukiwa Daily Offers has got you sorted. You only need to dial *444# to get daily offers on calls, bundles and SMS tailor-made to your needs.

For example, if you are a heavy data user, you will be presented with all three offers but the data offer will be more enhanced.