Inside EBU and Its Plan to Finish Cyber Attacks in Kenya

One of the most important perks that came with the introduction of the marvelous information age was the rate at which businesses had the potential to sprout and sprint.

From the embattled and troubled World War era to the dull and retrogressive pre-information age and now a robust and progressive information age-success has been inevitable.

Businesses hit the ground running and for a minute, there seemed to be nothing holding them back.

But then, cyber attacks came along, took over the technology, grew stronger and ran the businesses to the ground.

Disgruntled about what to do, the stranded innovators helplessly watched their sweat-and-tear grown companies diminish to oblivion.

Do not despair as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Out of all that rubble, smart inventions have emerged to resuscitate and compliment your business efforts to success.

Take Safaricom’s I.T. Security Solutions for instance.

With its myriad services ranging from Managed Security Solutions to Security Assurance and advisory services, the solutions can help secure every aspect of your company.

Enterprises, companies and individuals can secure their emails, websites, manage vulnerabilities, test and audit I.T systems as well as be able to monitor their day to day on real time.

In the process of navigating the harsh world of running a proper IT department (or services) help ensure no manager - even the novice ones - are bullied into releasing, whether knowingly or unknowingly, proprietary information meant for in-house consumption.

A cyber security report recently established that a cyber ready business is highly likely to post favourable outcomes.

Putting it into perspective, the report by Vodafone found that 48% of businesses that put in place cyber attack prevention mechanisms posted 5% annual revenue growth.

What that data reveals in broader sense, however, is the fact that most companies worldwide had not shielded themselves against malware attacks.

This, therefore, calls for well established firms to move in and help contain the situation.

With the new service dubbed Enterprise Business Unit (EBU), customers are assured of a hand-by-hand guided help, based on your unique needs.

Purpose to be part of the winning team and let your business take you past the sky limit where your efforts truly belong.