Jeff Koinange’s Golden Buzzer Moment on EAGT

Well, Jeff Koinange finally hit his golden buzzer... 

And which act is this that had him completely overwhelmed to a point to send them through to the live shows?

It was Tanzania’s Makoropocho (loosely translated to something that looks amazing that’s been jumbled up)

Introducing themselves, they promised that, “We shall show you things that will surprise and appeal to you.”

And my did they deliver… from the purple body paint reminiscent of the smurfs to their synchronised and well-executed tribal war dance that midway transformed to contemporary dance routine and later back to a final power circle that exuded power and authority.

“The act from the beginning to the end had me entertained and wanting more,” confessed Ugandan judge Gaetano Kagwa.

Concurring, Tanzanian judge Vanessa Mdee revealed, “Truly speaking, I've seen an act like this in my life, You act was brilliant, your creativity was impeccable. There's no weak member among you. You're all so strong.”

Jeff Koinange admitted, “East Africa's Got Talent is about finding that talent that's out there and you guys are part of that. Congratulations!”

All the judges voted Yes! But it when it came to Jeff’s turn, he sprung for the Golden Buzzer - the second one for the show!

It was a moment to behold as he ran to the stage to hug the dance crew members.

Another moment to remember was when Himbaza Drummers from Burundi took to the stage.

The magical African spirit was invoked when they wafted into the room with drums as heavy as 50 kgs balanced on their heads. They drummed, ululated, jumped danced and sweated as the crowd watched on, transfixed.

Judge Koinange saw that he could take on the task to balance the drum on his head. The drummers helped put it on his well-gelled hair.

Seconds after the drummers had balance the drum on Jeff’s head, he asked them to let go. Moments later, the drum was almost falling as the other drummer helped him put it down. 

He marvelled at how the men were able to balance the heavy drums and still move as they did.

They were the easiest four yeses of the night. Way to go, Himbaza. Way to go.

Other notable acts were, Godfrey Joseph who performed a saxophone version of My Heart Will Go On by Celine Deon using only his fingers and mouth, Chell from Kitui who was the first magician of the show, African Snake Girl from Rwanda and Ugandan dancer Joker De Popalic.

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