From Nail-Biting Semis, EAGT’s Finals Are a Must Watch

If the first live show of East Africa’s Got Talent was the appetizer, the second was the main meal and the third and final semi-final was definitely the dessert which was finger-licking good and left us wanting more.

The quality of the acts was something to behold with each moving from strength to strength to convince East Africa to vote for them. On Sunday, Spell Cast’s performance was one for the ages and one of the best of the night.

Invoking the spirit of Ubuntu and togetherness, the performance group wowed the audience with their well-choreographed act. Donning colourful outfits, they moved with grace. At the centre of it, was a pregnant dancer who kept up with the rest of the performers with an infectious smile on her face. She clearly had everyone mesmerised, oozing confidence as she coordinated her moves.

It seemed like the rest of the crew fed off her energy to put on a showstopping performance. Comedic Dance group DNA from Uganda was one act that had the audience on their feet seemingly wanting to join them on stage. They had great energy as they timed their creative stunts to perfection.

Their performance was entertaining as they Kenyan performers Jua Kali - who advocate for environmental conservation had a powerful performance with an important message. “It falls on us to protect the environment”

The group used their recycled materials to make their musical instruments and put on an act that had the crowd cheering throughout.

The judges agreed that they were creative and their act was destined or the global stage. Judge’s Makeda’s golden Buzzer, Peace from Rwanda had a chance to prove that she deserved her spot in the competition.

Dressed beautifully, Peace performed confidently accompanied by a saxophonist who complimented her act and had people impressed. Tanzanian act Sinaubi made us go back to our African roots. He was indeed the carrier of the African culture and heritage and the last act of the night was Makorokocho who made a killer performance.

The nerve-wracking moment came when the votes had been tallied and we got to know which act would make it to the finals. At the end of the night, it was DNA and Spellcast who bagged their spots heading straight to the finals.

Is it too early to predict the winner of EAGT? There’s one episode left - The Finale and the stakes are higher than before. Tune in to #EAGTPoweredBySafaricom on Sunday at 8 pm on Citizen TV for the Grand finale.

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