New Competition Delivering Hope to Kenyan Youth

In a world with an ever-increasing wealth gap, Larry Potter and Christine Nanjala have recently found a reason to smile.

Born among the lowest on the wealth index food chain, in a neighbourhood characterised by crime, the two found it hard developing a purpose in life.

They were exposed to the daily struggles of constantly working for food while surrounded by youth who, in most cases, are not quite worth looking up to.

No quality education, no revolutionary inventions and definitely no focused, enthusiastic, glass shattering young people who relentlessly work their way up the food chain in the vicinity.

As they attested, most young people from the neighbourhood turned drugs and crime into a hobby from an age as young as 10.

All that melee, however, is slowly coming to an end one match at a time.

Today, Potter, a young, talented chap who once led a purposeless life can be seen fervently training with renewed zeal to fly to Spain. So is Christine.

The two are not the only ones as many other young people have found a purpose in soccer, coming together to form over 1,600 teams to battle it out for three top prizes, with the winner walking away with a Ksh1 Million prize thanks to Chapa Dimba na Safaricom tournament.

Since the tournament’s launch in 2017, it has enabled countless of Kenyan youth aged between 16-20 to transform their lives by having a platform to showcase their talent and an opportunity to earn from their passion.

The tournament has even grown grander to include a partnership with the Spanish Premier League – La Liga – whose coaches will be scouting for talent from the regional matches with the latest slated for Saturday February 9, 2019 and Sunday February 10, 2019 at Moi Stadium in Kisumu.

To further grow their talents, the selected young stars will be flown to Spain for a 10-day training camp where they will train with the mightiest in the history of the game and later have a chance to play against English teams.

Regional competitors will also be entitled to various prizes including Ksh 200,000 for the Regional Team Winner, Ksh 100,000 for the first runners up while the Top Scorer, Best Player and Best Keeper will each win Ksh 30,000.

This season presents a perfect time for you to support the budding talent about to erupt from the Kenya communities to delivering victories worldwide by dialing *455# to keep up with the games and stepping out to cheer your teams in large numbers.

Definitely when people get together, great things happen.