Uhuru Launches Tallest Ferris Wheel in Africa at Two Rivers Mall

Gone are the wishy days where you sit in front of your TV set to watch people enjoy themselves on the magnificent wonder wheel in elegant towns of London, Paris and New York.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Thursday, brought the experience back home when he launched the biggest watch wheel in Africa at Two Rivers Mall.

With only Kshs 500, Kenyans can now spend 17 extraordinary minutes of their life on the 55-metre towering Ferris wheel for the ultimate fun which is available daily.

With 40 capsules of a six-passenger capacity each, visitors are assured of exceptional views of Nairobi City skyline expanse while on the move, a fit that has previously been difficulty to achieve countrywide.

Speaking during the launch, Uhuru nodded to the fact that the mall had fervently uplifted the experience of both local and international tourists.

“As the tourism sector continues to thrive and grow, we are not closed to the fact that we need to ensure we are offering tourists experiences that are memorable and unique,” stated President Uhuru.

Among those who were present at the launch was the celebrated entrepreneur Chris Kirubi who, despite the massive heights of his social standing, could not hide his mirth after witnessing the revolutionary innovation.

“As a former chairman of one of Kenya’s organisations tasked with driving Kenyan brand, I am very pleased to see innovations such as the Eye of Kenya launched in the country.

“This was a dream I had and seeing it come to life has been an honour. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the team,” expressed Kirubi.

To make your experience at the site even more grandiose, Two Rivers mall has invested in the world’s most sophisticated security system.

The security system dubbed ThruVision is a compact people screening system which does not invade your privacy in any way. No rough ups, no fuss. You can watch a short video on the same here>>>https://bit.ly/2Tcycgf

The experience is brought to you by Two Rivers Mall in Association with Centum.