An Unexpected Golden Buzzer and Other Incredible Moments You Missed on EAGT

We have seen many nights on EAGT, but believe me, this night had its unique stars. It was a night so diverse, so interesting and outright exciting.

The talent on display reflected the true spirit of East Africa, with dazzling colours, costumes and surprises.

Spoiler Alert! This was a Golden Buzzer Night, and it came from Kigali Rwanda. Hoziryana Peace performed I Will Always Love You by Whitney Houston. Sadly, she got carried away at some point and earned an immediate 3 Xs from the judges.

The unexpected Golden Buzzer from DJ Makeda sent her through to the semi-finals. The judges were visibly not too happy about the buzzer, but Makeda took the chance, hoping that Peace would really show her true ability when she takes the stage next time. I definitely cannot wait. The chills...

Davis Natambazi from Uganda expertly played Tetema by Diamond on the Violin and earned the four 'yeses' early enough. He was closely followed by One Family-One Vision, a testament that EAGT is all about family.

The adorable children From Wakiso Uganda presented a gospel Hip-Hop song complete with fireworks that had the audience and the judges bobbing their heads to the beat. It was a NO, for the most part, but the little entertainers had something in them, no doubt. They are the next guys to watch.

One of the most key performances of the night, however, came from the Machakos Secondary School for the Deaf. You have no idea what you are talking about until you see the group of students dance to beats they cannot hear but can feel. The synchrony of the moves, the creative patterns, and the swinging costumes left the judges in awe.

Hip-Hop, bone-breaking dance by 23-year old Ngabo Elvis from Kigali Rwanda was next. The unnerving performance from the man with moves that had people squirming in their seats.

Thereafter there was a dance performance by Klassic Cats, an all-girl crew from Nairobi, Kenya performing a 'musical chairs' dance in heels. A less than stellar performance of the night came from a Kenyan, Elizabeth Anyango, who twerked her way out of the stage. Daniel Susumu from Dodoma Tanzania drew a portrait within the allotted 90 seconds and went through. Kungu Baya from Dar, Tanzania then performed a balancing act that earned them 3 yeses.

KDP Crew from Kigali performed a combination of dance and acrobatics. Easiest yeses. A head balancing group from Rwanda were lucky to scrape 3 yeses. There was also another stellar dance performance from the Best Hard Crew, straight out of Dar Tanzania. DNA Crew from Kampala, Uganda, then performed a hardcore, creepy robot dance routine fused with humour and immediately won over the audience and the judges. Is this a sign of greater things to come? Only time will tell.

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