Why You Should Make Cascadia Apartments Your Next Home

Buying a home is about desire, fantasy, having a purpose and working for something bigger than yourself.

However, it is important to note that homes and houses have a big difference-allow us to take you through.

A home is a haven that boasts of love and memories but a house is just 4 walls destined to shelter you from the elements. A home is where you derive happiness and comfort but a house - well, it’s just that.

Now imagine a home with the latest smart home features, top of the notch finishing and just the right interior decor - it becomes your own little heaven.

That’s what Cascadia apartments located within Two Rivers along Limuru Road chooses to offer you. With modern features that offer convenience, quality and luxury living, they are putting this important component as their number 1 priority.

The apartments have incorporated the needs of urban individuals, up and coming couples and families.

This is because the facility has one-bedroom units which would be good for an urban individual, two-bedroom units for the up and coming couples and three-bedroom DSQ units for families.

As for the urban design thinkers, the location is just irresistible just as much as it is functional for the newly weds.

The units also have a cheerful and secure environment where children can grow up and visit occasionally hence suitable for modern families.

Other incredible features in the facility include: state-of-the-art security and surveillance system and a highly driven component management team which will create a safe and holistic environment to live in.

Not to mention modern technology amenities with connectivity to smart devices, resident applimini-parksmart locks and access control with designated pick up and drop off locations for ride-sharing apps.

The units also promise spacious rooms, a mini park, kids play area and full time access to East Africa’s largest mall, Two Rivers.

The beauty of it all is that from just Khs 8.5 Million, you can proceed to kickstart your journey to love, happiness and prosperity at the Cascadia Apartments.

Talk to Centum Real Estate on +254 709 902 900, +254 742 342 722 or 742 342 724 or make a physical visit to 9th Floor, South Tower at Two Rivers for more information.

You can check out the apartments on their website and fill your contact details where a representative will get in touch with you.

You can also drop an email at [email protected].

Cascadia Apartments #FlowingWithClass.