Bomet county government to insure doctors against COVID-19

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    Operations in most health facilities in Bomet County were paralyzed following the strike by medical doctors following the expiry of their 21 day notice issued by industrial court sitting in Nakuru. The doctors under Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) went on strike at midnight demanding the county government of Bomet to implement all the signed collect bargain CBA in the last two years. KMPDU South Rift secretary general Dr Davji Atellah said that Bomet County government was reluctant in the promotion of doctors, provision of medical insurance cover for the medical officers and their families plus the employment of doctors to curb the shortage of staff. According to their scheme of services, the promotions were supposed to have taken place between the years 2016 and 2017 but the county government had been giving them empty promises. He said that majority of those demanding promotions are specialties who are to be slotted under job groups of N, P, Q and R who have stagnated in their cadres. He said that PMPDU members risked their lives to safe their patients but the government was not reciprocating their efforts in the provision of materials such as protective gear, and medical insurance cover which will make them get treatment even on coronavirus. These doctors serve an estimated 47 million people. The number of doctors as per the data is low, with the country’s doctor-patient ratio at 1:5,000 against the World Health Organization’s recommended ratio of 1:1,000. Due to the shortage most of our union members are overworked leading to rise of stress levels and brokerage of our families Addressing the press at Longisa County referral hospital the CEC in charge of health Dr Joseph Sitonik said that it was only the specialized medical officers who have kept away from work but the operations at the health facilities was ongoing. The County Secretary Mrs Stella Langat said that all the grievances of the union were received and the government will address them. Issues like promotions are personal and not group as individuals are promoted based on qualification and merits. She said that plans are underway to procures a qualified insurance agency or company to covers all county officials including the medical staff where their issues will be addressed Video by Evans Yegon Kenya's No.1 channel for digital exclusive videos. AUTHORITATIVE. BOLD. ENTERTAINING.