Dr Ofweneke Tonight: Jaymo Ule Msee na Pritty Vishy

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    Content creator and Roots party spokesperson Jaymo Ule Msee on how Wajackoyah won the elections "If the real bhang votes were counted, we won the election...out of 22M registered voters, only 14M voted, 8M ni watu wa bangi wote, so 8M ongeza ile 60(Votes garnered) at hakuna run off ...If the election is nullified by the supreme court Wajackoyah will become the C Commander of the armed forces...We have 8M bhang people who did not vote and given a chance by this nullification they will vote" Jaymo Ule Msee

    Internet sensation Pritty Vishi on her relationship with Kenyan recording artist, singer and songwriter Madini Classic. "Alini DM kwa instagram nimpee number yangu ata hakunisalimia" Pritty Vishi #kenyaelections #kenyadecides #electionresults

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