GARDEN OF EDEN: Why are so many men dying "in the act"?

  • | TV 47
    Sex enhancement pills started life as pills for reducing high blood pressure. Erection of a horse was an accidental side effect. When taken, the pill leads to increased speed and larger volume of blood flowing to the sex organ. Men of all ages have been taking the pills to last longer in bed. Just like in women, these pills cause hormonal imbalance. Some of the reasons why men take enhancement pills include low libido and erectile dysfunction. Misuse of the drug creates side effects like slow breath, heart attacks, death and hard-ons, which can only be treated through surgery. Dr Inyathiu Kibe, a pharmacologist, advises men to avoid misuse of the sexual enhancement pills. Instead, they should adopt moderated love-making process with their partners. Sex enhancement pills should only be taken as prescribed after thorough diagnosis. __ *TUNE IN* TV47 is available on DStv (Channel 268), SIGNET, Gotv, BAMBA and STARTIMES. It has a diverse menu of programming targeted predominantly at the youth. Switch on today and discover the ‘Home of Untold Stories.’ __ To Get Breaking News Via SMS - Send NEWS to 24047 for accurate, reliable and real-time news alerts on your mobile phone. __ Connect with TV47 Website: Follow TV47 on Facebook: Follow TV47 on Twitter: Follow TV47 on Instagram: __