Hundreds of elderly persons in Homa Bay County decry bribery in cash transfer program

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    Hundreds of elderly persons in Homa Bay County have decried bribery in the process of receiving their Sh8,000 stipend through the cash transfer programme. The monthly stipend which had accumulated for four months is issued bythe National Government to improve lives of the senior citzens. The beneficiaries are aged 70 years and above. But the elderly persons who have been receiving their money from Monday at Kabunde Social Hall in Homa Bay Sub-county have that agents of a bank giving them the money were extorting them. They claimed that the agents were taking from them between Sh1, 000 and Sh500 in order to issue them with the stipend. The elderly persons argued that the agents locked themselves in the hall but only those who had given them the money could be allowed in. Alternatively, those who had pledged to give them the money after withdrawal could also be allowed but they would not leave the hall before parting with it. The senior citizens from Homa Bay, Ndhiwa, Rangwe and Rachuonyo North complained bitterly of the malpractice. Jarongo Okumu, a beneficiary accused the bank agents of robbing them indirectly. “They tell us to give them Sh1000. They also want anther Sh100 for registration. What these agents are doing to us is robbery without violence,” Okumu said. Jeremiah Ouya argued that elderly persons had undergone a lot of financial difficulties to get fare for travelling to Kabunde. He described the vice as a double loss. They called on the Government to review the method giving the stipend to cushion them from the cartels. However, Homa Bay County Director of Children Department Peter Kutere condemned the malpractice saying they were investigating the matter. Kutere said it is illegal for anybody to take money from the elders. “Let me clarify that nobody is supposed to take money from the elders. Anybody doing so is committing a crime and we are investigating the matter to ensure legal action is taken against those who are culpable,” said Kutere. He also told the elders to report the malpractice in his office. Video by James Omoro Kenya's No.1 channel for digital exclusive videos. AUTHORITATIVE. BOLD. ENTERTAINING.