KRA sued over new inflation adjustments

  • | Metropol TV
    Two Kenyans have petitioned the court to stop the Kenya Revenue Authority from to increasing excise duty on a select number of products by 4.97 percent in line with average annual inflation. Mr Isaiah Odando and Mr Wilson Yata argue that should the decision go on Kenya's will fail to withstand the pressure that will become with the high cost of living with manufacturers expected to pass the cost to the consumers. The changes which will take effect as from October 1 will see beer rise by sh5.77 a litre, spirits will jump by sh13.20 with petrol expected to go through what seems like a second review in less than a month with the commodity expected to increase by sh.1.09. Under the review, the price of one stick of cigarette will increase by sh0.16 in line with the rise in excise tax from sh3.31 to sh3.47 while the duty on bottled water will rise from sh3.31 to sh3.47 per liter. GUESTS: GABRIEL MWENDWA – INVESTMENT ASSOCIATE JOASH ONSANDO - PUBLIC POLICY ANALYST & POLITICAL STRATEGIST