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    A man was shot dead and another suffered serious bullet wounds when Ramula secondary school students stormed a local police post to protest the death of their teacher. Reagan Dindi, a mason, died on the spot during the mid - morning incident at Ramula trading centre in Gem Wagai sub county. His death brought business along the Luanda – Akala road to a standstill as the locals blocked the road demanding justice. According to his brother, Vincent Onyango, Dindi was heading to Luanda town where he worked as a mason when he met his untimely death. Onyango said Dindi was on a motorcycle when he was shot. “My brother was not among the rioters. He was heading to his work station in Luanda on a motorcycle and it is sad that he lost his life just like that” lamented Onyango. According to the locals, drama started when students from Ramula secondary school stormed the police station, pelting the officers with stones and other crude weapons, accusing one of them of being behind the death of one of their teachers, Calvin Omollo. This prompted the officers to respond with gun shots and tear gas, as the adamant students who had now been joined by the villagers stood their ground that they will not leave until one of the officers they suspected to have been behind the teachers death was brought to book. Omollo’s body was yesterday found on the floor of his house, with a rope around his neck, said the residents adding that they suspected foul play given that he was in a relationship with a girl that was also a girlfriend to one of the officers based at Ramula police post. “We may not know exactly what caused his death. We shall wait for post mortem results” said Seth Ochieng. A villager, Maxwell Omondi accused the police officers of engaging in unbecoming conduct. He said it was common knowledge that the officers seduce and engage school girls in sexual escapades in the area. “You will find the officers seducing young school girls in this area instead of protecting them” said Omondi. Siaya County police Commander Michael Muchiri however dismissed the allegations that the teacher was murdered by a police officer in a love triangle. Muchiri said the teacher was facing defilement charges and could have committed suicide as a result to avoid facing the law. “The deceased teacher had a case of defilement in court. He was accused of having an affair with an underage and the girl in question had a P3 form that showed what transpired between them, it seems he could not handle the matter prompting him to commit suicide,” said Mr Muchiri. The police commander said a team of homicide detectives were handling the matter and promised the public that should anyone be found to have had a hand in his death; the law will take its course. Kenya Digital News brings you the latest news as they happen in a DIGITAL way. For more news, subscribe to our YouTube Channel because the future is Digital. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: #KenyaDigitalNews
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