Runinga ya Ramogi yasherehekea mwaka tangu kuzinduliwa

  • | Citizen TV

    Kampuni ya Royal Media Services imekita kambi katika kaunti ya Kisumu, kwa shamrashamra za kuadhimisha mwaka mmoja tangu kuanzishwa kwa kituo namba moja cha televisheni Ramogi Tv. Hatua ya kuandaa maadhimisho ya kituo hiki ambacho hupeperusha matangazo kwa lugha ya dholuo mjini Kisumu eneo la Nyanza ni kuwakutanisha watangazaji mahiri wa Ramogi na mashabiki wake mashinani

  • East African regional leaders demand ceasefire in eastern Congo
    6 Feb 2023 - East African regional leaders on Saturday renewed their call for an immediate ceasefire by all sides in the conflict in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that pits the country's military against a rebel group it has accused Rwanda of supporting.
  • She was admitted to a national school but might repeat Standard Eight for lack of fees
    6 Feb 2023 - As Form One learners prepare to report to school on Monday, a family in Kisii County is considering having their daughter repeat Class Eight after failing to raise funds for her to join secondary school.
  • Child eaten by hyena as drought ravages Marsabit
    6 Feb 2023 - A child was on Saturday night attacked and parts of his body eaten by a hyena in Balaah area near Korr, Marsabit County.
  • South Africa records two imported cholera cases
    6 Feb 2023 - South Africa has recorded two confirmed imported cases of cholera, the health department said on Sunday, as it called for vigilance.
  • Kakuma refugees still in friction with Turkana locals, over 20 years after resettlement
    6 Feb 2023 - Sitting on over 5, 000 acres of land and hosting over 40,000 refugees, Kalobeyei Settlement Scheme has been modeled upon one of the options available for refugees in host communities.
  • Ruto says TSC has completed recruiting 30,000 extra teachers
    6 Feb 2023 - President William Ruto says the government has completed the recruitment of 30,000 additional teachers to address the teacher-student ratio gap.
  • Back to school: Form 1 admission begins as 800,000 students, 30,000 teachers report30,000 teachers report as Form 1 admission begins
    5 Feb 2023 - Of new hires, 10,000 teachers will be permanent, 25,550 will be interns.
  • Youths clash over who controls public loos in Naivasha
    5 Feb 2023 - From time to time wars break out over who controls public loos around the country.
  • Lecturers fault state over plan to privatise public varsities
    5 Feb 2023 - Uasu says the alleged 'private investors' will be hidden cartels in government
  • Ruto: Sh36 billion disbursed to schools, farmers to start getting 'cheap' fertiliser
    5 Feb 2023 - The President has stopped state agencies from suing KRA over tax disputes
  • Warehouse Receipt System goes into full use in agriculture reforms — PS Ombudo
    5 Feb 2023 - WRS failed last year but is expected to go into full gear this year and succeed,
  • Why taxpayers risk losing millions to county loan defaulters
    5 Feb 2023 - Many beneficiaries are not repaying the loans, some have left service
  • Republicans assail Biden over handling of Chinese balloon
    5 Feb 2023 - Marco Rubio, vice chair of the Senate intelligence committee, criticized the US president for waiting so long to alert the public as the alleged spy balloon made its "unprecedented" flight over America, saying this amounted to "dereliction of duty."
  • Raila Odinga unveils youth resistance movement
    5 Feb 2023 - Mr Odinga said that Dr Ruto promised a poor man’s government only to unveil a government of billionaires.
  • 16 hospitalised in suspected cholera outbreak in Kitui
    5 Feb 2023 - Most of those admitted are learners from Maseki Primary School.
  • Judges quash exhumation orders for Mombasa tycoon Nazeralli
    5 Feb 2023 - His brother sought orders arguing the death could have been a result of foul play
  • Four quarries closed for encroaching on Delmonte land near rail
    5 Feb 2023 - People encroached on Del Monte's land, subdividing and opening quarries.
  • Parents colluding with teachers to have Grade 7 learners dodge CBC
    5 Feb 2023 - Official says they are aware of attempts to have JSS learners registered for KCPE in Garissa
  • Cops injured in clash with mob over bandit's arrest in Baringo
    5 Feb 2023 - The three police officers were injured in the Friday drama at Tangulbei Livestock Market
  • MP Koyoo disburses Sh3.5m bursary for students joining Form 1
    5 Feb 2023 - MP says beneficiaries are bright and needy students from poor families.