Salt Belt Multi-stakeholder Forum to address land boundary disputes with local communities

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    Kilifi county government has issued a warning to investors and individuals owning properties along the beach to immediately open access roads before the county takes necessary actions on the same

    Kilifi county Lands, Energy, Housing and Physical Planning Executive Jane Kamto, said government has observed an increasing rate by investors putting huge perimeter walls and blocking citizens and especially fishermen from accessing the beaches, a move she said was a huge infringe on their rights to eke a livelihoods from the ocean resource.

    This and many more pressing issues including land boundaries disputes emerged during the second quarter of the Salt Belt Multi-stakeholders forum held at Magarini Cultural Centre and chaired by Magarini Deputy County Commissioner Joshua Rono.

    "It has come to our attention that there is a surge in the number of companies and individuals who put up perimeter walls around their premises without the approval of the county government. Such has led to blockage of beach access to the BMUs . Now this trend has to stop as a county we shall not allow this to continue," she said.