Street Dreams: Dancing to Survive - BBC Africa Eye documentary

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    A group of street dancers in Nairobi struggle against the odds to become celebrities. A seven-strong group of homeless street dancers in Nairobi, who call themselves the Street Family Dance Crew are determined to overcome the desperate hardships of street life and make their names as celebrity dancers. Film-maker Nick Wambugu follows them for two years on their quest to find fame and fortune. Their journey is fraught with obstacles as they endure hunger and destitution, bust-ups with police, family troubles, and the crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is a film about hope and ingenuity, resilience and courage, as the boys find ways to survive and keep dancing - hoping, against all the odds, that they will break through and hit the big time. Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever. You can check out all #BBCAfricaEye investigations here: Credit list: Filmed and Directed by Nick Wambugu Narration - Nick Wambugu Acting Editors, Africa Eye - Andy Bell, Tom Watson Executive Producer, Africa Eye - Emma Whitlock Producer, Folklore - Nick Wambugu, Maurice Murage Producer, Africa Eye - Giovanni Ulleri Reversioning Producers, Africa Eye - Anna Payton, Izzy Fleming Digital Producer, Africa Eye - Tamsin Ford Social Media Producer, Africa Eye - Anusha Kumar Cinematographers, Folklore - Nick Wambugu, Maurice Murage, Wesley Kagema Additional Cinematography, Folklore - Tony De Gigz, Joel ‘Ingo’ Ngui, Collins Akunga, Brian Adagala Film Editors - Andy Lloyd, Kirsi Pyy, Joao Nunes Production Manager, Africa Eye - Simon Frost, Lucy Stevens Production Manager, Folklore - Lola Kanazi Production Coordinator, Africa Eye - Sarah Clarke Talents and Rights Management - Artist Rights Africa (ARA) Location Sound, Folklore - Ahenda Edward, Okeyo Desmond Set Photographer - Al Amin Mutunga Title Graphics - Sandra Omariba, Bobbi Gassy Online Editor - Chris Stott Sound Mix - Jez Spencer Colourist - Boyd Nagle Music: Arrow Bwoy - Digi Digi (Go Down) Size 8 Reborn - Pale Pale Arrow Bwoy - Shikisha Harmonize - Never Give up Wyre ft Cecile - She Say dat Burna Boy - GBONA Nyashinski - free Diamond - Tetema Black Banjuni - Maziwa Mala Masauti - Ipepete Sauti Sol - Extravaganza Fena Gitu- Steam Castro - Gangsta Dance Collo - Carry GO Rico Gang and Ochungulo Family - Chachisha Special Thanks: Bosco’s Family Moha’s Family Socialight Media Sam Soko Jeffrey Shihembetsa © BBC MMXXI Subscribe: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: