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    3 people have been charged in a Machakos court for being in preparation to commit a felony after being found with communication gadgets from various institutions among them telecommunication and banking companies. The 3 namely Kevin Sagini Oroko, Otiso Dominic Nyabuto, and Samson Okindo Gikenye who appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Brenda Bartoo have been accused that on the 15th September 2020 in Miwani estate in Machakos town jointly were found in possession of a laptop, a printer,6 mobile phones,600 Safaricom and 34 airtel sim cards,91 Kenyan National Identity cards,3 gambling machines,3 equity bank transaction agent register,1 KCB transaction agent register,13 KCB inua Jamii ATM visa cards,1 external hard disk and 1 calculator implements meant to forge credit cards. Kenya Digital News brings you the latest news as they happen in a DIGITAL way. For more news, subscribe to our YouTube Channel because the future is Digital. Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: #KenyaDigitalNews