• Niaje: Hennessy Hosts An Exclusive Pairing Dinner At Hotel Intercontinental (Photos)
    23 Feb 2017 - Last night Hennessy and Viva Global hosted a Hennessy cognac pairing diner at the Intercontinental hotel Nairobi with a special guest Mr. Laurent Dominguez the Brand Development Director EMEA at Hennessy in attendance. The evening began with guest being treated to cocktails at the Le Chateau on the hotels roof top followed by a sumptuous […]
  • Niaje: Rouge Driver Crashes Into 9 Cows Killing Them Instantly Then Escapes On Foot (Photos)
    23 Feb 2017 - A driver shocked pedestrians and residents in Ruiru after he crashed into nine cows killing them all. The driver, who was driving a white Toyata fielder, wrecked his car completely in the accident that happened near Tatu city. He then vamoosed on foot and now police are hunting him. According to reports, the man only sustained […]
  • SDE: Testimony: Bamboo Flooring Is The New Way To Go Green
    23 Feb 2017 - Global warming has become a universal concern and ways to mitigate it are being devised each new day. In the building industry, “green-conscious people” are turning to renewable, organic and environmentally friendly-construction materials.
  • SDE: Daily Bread: The New Craze On Nairobi Highways And Bypasses
    23 Feb 2017 - The construction of bypasses and upgrading of major roads is a boon to business people offering recreational facilities. “Nyama choma” and drinking joints now litter highways and bypasses around Nairobi, making them favourite outing venues for many city dwellers.
  • Mpasho: Ajali Ya Kutisha! Driver Escapes On Foot After Killing 9 Cows In Horrific Ruiru Accident (Photos)
    23 Feb 2017 - An accident that occurred on Thursday, February 23 along the Ruiru-Kiambu Road has left Kenyans with more questions than answers. Read: Top Journalist Survives Freak Accident! Yaani Alitoka Kwa Hii Gari? (PHOTOS) According to  various media reports, the man who was driving a of a Toyota Fielder rammed into a herd of cattle, killing 9 cows on the spot. He sustained injuries in the accident and he...
  • SDE: Local News: Singer Viviane Up To Something With Redsan?
    23 Feb 2017 - Singer Viviane could be up to something with dancehall king Redsan.
  • Niaje: “She Doesn’T Like Taking Bath” – Rapper Keko Badly Insulted By Rival Camp
    23 Feb 2017 - I love Ugandan showbiz.This is because it is an industry marred with all manners of drama and kicks that any blogger would thrive in.From Bebe Cool’s club tantrums to Jose Chameleone’s shenanigans,Ugandan celebrities have indeed made to the top of the list,matters controversy. Super talented rapper Keko is the latest victim in a scandal that […]
  • Niaje: Top City Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi Spends ‘Grand Mullah’ On A New Mercedes Benz G Wagon
    23 Feb 2017 - Kenya is a country that boasts of people who can buy the world if they wanted to. While politicians and local celebrities are some of the richest individuals in Kenya, other professionals like lawyers have also proved their worth. Renown city Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi who is also known as Grand Mullah has just proved to […]
  • Ghafla: With An Alleged Salary Of 1.8 Million Every Month, This Is The Ultra Modern Suv Gukena Fm's Njogu Wa Njoroge Drives
    23 Feb 2017 - Late last year, new broke out that Kameme’s most esteemed presenter Njogu wa Njoroge was leaving the station. People couldn’t believe it as he had stayed there for so long we all assumed he owned it. But the truth of the matter is that he was indeed leaving, destined for greener pastures at Radio Africa. Apparently he was slapped with an offer he just couldn’t resist, that of 1.8 million a month...
  • Ghafla: Former Tahidi High's Actor Oj Steps Out Looking Dapper In A Suit
    23 Feb 2017 - Most Tahidi High actors seem to have matured and others are even getting married. Dennis Mugo aka OJ who was the face of the show now has a grown son and a beautiful wife. He has become a responsible dad and is even changing how he dresses just to match his mature behavior. Read Also: Sarah Hassan throws a lavish bride-to-be party in Nairobi before her big wedding I just ran into a few photos of...
  • Ghafla: “I Am Who I Am Largely Because Of This Woman” Ex Churchill Show Comedian Yy Introduces His Baby Mama Who's Dating Someone Else (Photos)
    23 Feb 2017 - YY’s baby mama is seeing another man but that does not stop the former Churchill Show comedian from praising her like she’s still his first lady. The comedian quit Churchill Show in May 2016 when humorists under the umbrella of Churchill revolted to demand better pay. Also read: “I QUIT. Why? My Talent Is Too Strong To Be Killed…” YY Rants As He Quits Churchill Show Amid Claims Of Mass Exodus Of...
  • Ghafla: Ametoka Mbali: Throwback Photo Of Adele Before She Discovered The Power Of Weaves
    23 Feb 2017 - Back in the day Adele Onyango had a thing for dreadlocks and this can be seen in a photo she shared on her social media. Well, at least she had some swag as she had dyed her hair blonde and I am still trying to figure out what was going on when she came up with this hair do. Anyway, that was then and now the Radio Africa presenter has discovered the power that Human Hairs can do and boy does she...
  • Ghafla: This Is The Harrowing Story Of A Mysterious Man Who Parked A Probox Outside A Popular Garage In Kikuyu With 4 Dead Bodies Inside
    23 Feb 2017 - There was drama in Kikuyu, a place called Gitaru when 4 dead bodies were discovered in a Toyota Probox parked outside a popular garage. According to eye witness reports and the garage occupants, a mysterious man came in during morning hours of Wednesday (22nd Feb), parked the car and left without saying a word to anyone. The car spent the whole day there until evening when the garage occupants...
  • Ghafla: Wema Sepetu Back In Court But She Only Got Bad News
    23 Feb 2017 - Wema Sepetu was released from central police station in Dar Es Salaam on February 6th after spending 6 nights in police custody. The former Miss Tanzania was arrested after she was found with a stash of weed in her house during a raid by the police. She was first arraigned in court on February 6th alongside other Tanzanian celebrities who were accused of using drugs. Wema returned to the...
  • Ghafla: Willy M Tuva Launches ‘The Mzazi Foundation’ Aimed At Making A Difference In The Society
    23 Feb 2017 - Mambo Mseto and mseto East Africa’s host Mzazi is among the celebrated media personalities we have seen so far. He not only focuses on his own career but is a peoples person. So far we have seen him support upcoming artistes by playing their songs and holding interview which helps these particular youths get familiar with what the audience wants. With the many projects he has, Mzazi has...
  • Ghafla: Freakiest Accident Ever! 9 Cows Reduce A Toyota Fielder To Useless Scrap Metal In A Crazy Accident On Ruiru-Kiambu Road (Photos)
    23 Feb 2017 - Early morning accident today February 23rd 2017 has seen a total of 9 cows get killed and a white Toyota Fielder reduced to a junk of scrap metal. The cause of the accident which happened on the busy Ruiru-Kiambu Road has not been immediately established but many speculate the driver could be at fault. The driver of the white Toyota Fielder survived the freak accident, he however fled before the...
  • Ghafla: This Popular KTN TV Presenter Would Date A Broke Guy But Only On This Set Of Conditions…team Mafisi Start Taking Notes
    23 Feb 2017 - Would popular KTN TV presenter Wanjira Longauer date a broke guy? Surprisingly yes but on a certain set of conditions. The Sports Central host was speaking to our videographer Moree the other day and they got to matters love where she spilled the beans on what exactly is her kind of love. Sports Central presenter Wanjira Longauer with co-host Mike Mondo And even broke too. First of all if you are...
  • Ghafla: Rising Bongo R&b Singer Accused Of Pulling A Chris Brown On Fan
    23 Feb 2017 - It seems like controversy just keeps following one of the biggest rising stars of the Kenyan Bongo R&B genre. After he was accused of having some sexual relations with one of his video vixens, who it later turned out was just some spurned ex-lover with a vendetta, now African Prince has been accused of throwing his phone at a female fan who was photographing him doing some pretty crazy stuff...
  • eDaily: Top Actress’ Marriage Collapses Before 2Nd Anniversary – This Is Why
    23 Feb 2017 - Top actress' marriage collapses before 2nd anniversary – this is why The post Top actress’ marriage collapses before 2nd anniversary – this is why appeared first on eDaily Kenya.
  • HBR: This Couple Took A ‘Break-Up’ Photo Shoot… So Awkward
    23 Feb 2017 - We all remember our first breakup. So if you had the chance to document it with a series of photos, would you do it? Harrison Bach and his ex, Jackie, decided to capture one last memory together — with a break-up photoshoot. The two dated in high school, tried to make it work while attending college separately and eventually the distance drew them apart. Three and a half years into their...
  • HBR: New Video: Brian Nadra “Leo”
    23 Feb 2017 - Brian Nadra a new signee to Decimal records released the song “Leo” last month and now he’s back with it’s visual. The video features Nadra pursuing a girl in the streets of Nairobi before finally getting together in the end. The video shot by Team Mistari production crew also features perfect shots from Nairobi. The minimal number of actors give prominence to Brian and his splendid tell-tale...
  • eDaily: How I Was Discriminated Against, Bullied At A Kenyan Airport: Nigerian Singer
    23 Feb 2017 - How I was discriminated against, bullied at a Kenyan airport: Nigerian singer The post How I was discriminated against, bullied at a Kenyan airport: Nigerian singer appeared first on eDaily Kenya.
  • SDE: Local News: DJ Krowbar Now A Student
    23 Feb 2017 - There comes a time in one's career where you feel like, what next... And what God shows you
  • SDE: Local News: King Kaka Finally Introduces His Mother
    23 Feb 2017 - For the longest time now the rapper has been revealing the tough times he went through while growing up
  • Mpasho: Wololo! Bridget Achieng Proves Her Gigantic Breasts Are Real, Allows Mpasho To Squeeze Them On Camera (Video)
    23 Feb 2017 - Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng invited Mpasho writers to fondle her big boobs in an effort to prove that they are 100% real. Read: What Bridget Achieng’s Mother-In-Law Told Her Oga Son About The Socialite The reality TV star has been under attack for some time from fans who claim that she went under the knife to increase her boobs. It is for this reason that we asked her if we could...
  • HBR: Huawei Gr5 2017
    23 Feb 2017 - You can now get a hold of the new Huawei GR5 2017. Huawei Mobile Kenya has launched its advanced dual camera device Huawei GR5 2017 in the market, as it strives to enhance its business footprint in the local market this year.  The company will be looking to build on the growth realized last year which saw its market share increase to 14%.   In 2017 Huawei Mobile Kenya intends to leverage its...
  • Niaje: Broke???huddah Monroe Puts One Of Her Range Rovers On Sale
    23 Feb 2017 - Alhuda Njoroge, popularly known to her fans as Huddah Monroe is one of the sexiest lasses in East Africa. Huddah, who started her grind as a socialite and video vixen turned a new leaf when she ‘stopped’ being a socialite for something way better; A business woman. She then added another feather to her hat […]
  • Capital Lifestyle: The 13 Rights Of A Woman A Man Must Respect!
    23 Feb 2017 - The 13 Rights of a woman a man must respect: 1. “Right to say No to sex” No woman should be raped or forced to have sex by her husband or any man. She is not a sex object or a sex slave. Her no means no! 2. “Right to dream” A woman should not be told to shelve her dreams in the name of love. The woman’s dreams are just as important as the man’s dreams. As the...
  • Niaje: Lady Bee Comes Through With A Brand New One
    23 Feb 2017 - She used to be the queen of Genge a couple of years back when she used to sing secular music. Together with Nonini the two ruled the genge streets and made hits after hits together. At some point there were rumors of the two artists dating but it was later revealed that they were just […]
  • Niaje: Former Tahidi High Actor Sarah Hassan Finally Getting Married
    23 Feb 2017 - Sarah Hassan got engaged in 2015 to her longtime South African fiancé Martin Ndale and now the two are planning to move to the next step. Word has it that the two, who are currently in Kenya, are planning a wedding soon though they haven’t officially announced it. Yesterday at Kiza Lounge Hassan had a […]