Yesu wa Tongaren Man Kush

  • | TV 47

    “Hizi vitu zinakuanga dukani hapa hakuna maombi ni pesa. Dunia bila pesa you are just a container of useless knowledge.” Man Kush’s respond after his fashion sense complimented

    Pastor Man Kush reveals that he hates religion but he says he is a bishop and owns 56 churches, because most religions brainwash people instead of telling them the truth. “There is nothing in heaven its only God. We pray to God to show you the way to get what you want.”

    He says his work is to judge and it’s hard to get a wife from Nairobi ladies because they are looking for material things.

    Man Kush says that he has been in marriage for 40 years and has never cheated on his wife but he gets tempted, as he is also a human being only that he has selfcontrol. “ata mimi naona kwani mi ni kipofu!”

    Man Kush respond to what he was looking for in a wife “I was not looking for a wife, I was looking for material to make a wife” there are no wives in this world.

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