David Ndii on Privatization: A Structural Change, Not an Immediate Solution

  • | Metropol TV
    Renowned economist David Ndii has expressed his views on the Kenyan government's plans to privatize state-owned enterprises, shedding light on the challenges this move may face. According to Ndii, privatization is a structural change that may not provide an immediate cash injection due to legal requirements that only profitable companies can be listed. Ndii emphasized that the country's present financial circumstances and liquidity challenges could impose limitations on the availability of capital. His insights come at a time when the government is exploring strategies to alleviate its financial burdens and boost economic stability. While privatization remains a potential solution, its implementation may require careful consideration and time to yield the desired results. For more visit https://metropoltv.co.ke/kenyas-economic-challenge-rising-debt-service-costs-amid-fiscal-strains/